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Category: Oil Investing

$100 Oil and the Risk Premium

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted January 1, 2008

Energy and Capital international editor Sam Hopkins looks at the reasons and opportunities associated with $100 oil.

Investing in Cleantech

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted December 30, 2007

Editor Nick Hodge reviews green and alternative energy's market performance over the last year... and how cleantech stocks should continue to outperform.

Oil Prices Rising in 2008

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted December 26, 2007

Today, Energy and Capital Editor Keith Kohl explains why oil prices are going to climb much higher in 2008.

9 Things That'll Happen When We Run out of Oil

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted October 24, 2007

This week, Editor Keith Kohl takes a light-hearted look into our tightening oil markets.

Tar Sands: The Oil Junkie's Last Fix, Part 1

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted August 23, 2007

What we're seeing is likely the most environmentally destructive activity man has ever attempted, with a compliant government, insatiable demand and an endless supply of capital turning it into "a...

Shanghai Cooperation for Oil

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted August 21, 2007

A colleague of mine once suggested that I write a book called "Stuff that Stinks." It's not because I'm an olfactory snob, but because I find it hard to smell the rosy side of what most people call...

Uranium Spot Prices Fall

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted July 18, 2007

The spot price for uranium has dropped recently to $130/lb. It’s been over six years since we’ve seen the spot price drop successively, does this signify the end for uranium?

The True Cost of Oil: $65 Trillion a Year?

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted June 28, 2007

The real reason $71 billion of new capital was poured into the renewables sector last year...

Receding Horizons

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted April 19, 2007

Back in 1946, you'd have seen a billboard along the route of today's I-70 suggesting that you "Get In On the Ground Floor" of real estate there to capitalize on the impending shale oil rush. And...

Fueling our Future Energy Needs

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted April 16, 2007

By 2030, the world will still be grasping for fossil fuels to meet its power demands. And despite the recent clamor for the development of renewable resources, the three major fossil fuels--oil,...

Algae's Biofuel Bloom

Written by Nick Hodge
Posted April 1, 2007

Algae is the highest yielding feedstock for biodiesel, producing 24 times more oil per acre, on average, than the next leading feedstock--palm oil at 635 gallons/acre/year. With numbers like that,...

An OPEC of a Different Color

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted January 29, 2007

Looming on the European horizon may be a new type of "natural gas OPEC" led by Russia. The secret to its success, however, will be its ability to operate under the global radar.