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Will Home Depot Stock Soar this Hurricane Season?

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted June 13, 2024

Home Depot stock should get a fair amount of attention as we approach the hurricane season. But is this a good reason to buy the stock as a long-term investment?

What's Driving Oil Prices Today?

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted June 12, 2024

In its latest oil market outlook released yesterday, the IEA may have finally broken from reality. As usual, the report is about as bearish as one could get...

Bill Gates Breaks Ground On His Own Nuke Plant

Written by Alex Koyfman
Posted June 11, 2024

TerraPower, the nuclear power startup Bill Gates founded almost 20 years ago, just broke ground on an experimental sodium-cooled reactor in Wyoming earlier this week. The question is... Where is he...

Data Center Stocks Are Heating Up, Are You Ready for What’s Next?

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted June 10, 2024

Here’s the dirty little secret: Big Tech is pumping billions of investment dollars into building U.S. data centers. And what’s more surprising is where they’re being built. Today, the...

Why Crowdstrike Stock is about to hit $400 a share

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted June 9, 2024

Crowdstrike Stock has been on a tear for more than a year. And as the demand for cybersecurity services continues to grow, so will the value of Crowdstrike.

Chinese EV Tariffs Mocked by CEO of EV Giant

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted June 9, 2024

Chinese EV tariffs are unlikely to stop the Middle Kingdom from dominating the global EV market. In fact, to some, they’ve become laughable.

Why Demand for Copper Will Continue to Rise

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted June 7, 2024

For the last couple of years, we’ve been predicting the birth of a new commodities bull market, or a commodities super cycle, if you will. It’s here... and I believe we are in the first inning...

The Best Cannabis Stocks to Own before Rescheduling

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted June 6, 2024

The best cannabis stocks to own for the second half of 2024 are the ones that will benefit from rescheduling. Because with rescheduling comes better tax benefits for cannabis companies.

Why Oil Prices Are Falling

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted June 5, 2024

Earlier this week we saw oil prices being sold off sharply. This was the market reacting badly to the recent OPEC+ meeting.

NIO Earnings Summary: Revenue Down 7.2% YoY Despite Growing EV Demand

Written by Ben Broadwater
Posted June 5, 2024

In today's NIO earnings call, CEO William Bin Li noted "Despite intensifying market competition, NIO’s strong brand, industry-leading technologies, and innovative power solutions continue to...

American Nuclear Energy Starts With This Maryland Based Company

Written by Alex Koyfman
Posted June 4, 2024

As of 2023, Nuclear power provides 19% of the electricity consumed in the US - second only to coal, which accounts for over 40% of American power generation capacity...

Oil Stocks: Summer Outlook 2024

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted June 3, 2024

The fear and loathing over crude oil recently all stems from the latest OPEC+ meeting. It was a bloodbath as the market was whipped into a selling frenzy thanks to OPEC and its allies' decision to...