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An Investor's Guide to the Booming Marijuana Industry

Energy and Capital expert shows you an investors guide to profiting from the booming marijuana industry and what stocks you need to buy before its to late!

The World's Next Rare-Earth Metal

As time goes on, graphene has become more and more valuable. This guide to graphene investments is sure to give you the upper hand when investing.

Spatial Computing: The Most Important Technology Breakthrough Of The 21st Century

Spatial computing is the next really big thing in technology. And because of that, it will also offer the next huge money-making opportunity... in both well-established firms and many smaller ones, including startups.

Four Red-Hot Battery Metal Stocks to Power Your Portfolio in 2021

As the electric vehicle revolution hits full swing, the demand for these four battery metals has skyrocketed. Unprecedented amounts of these metals will be needed to power our future.

7 Oil and Gas Steals

The days of low oil prices are coming to an end. And with that shift comes a whole host of opportunities for oil investors.

The 5th Precious Metal: Rhodium

Rhodium is one of the rarest metals on the Earth — over 100 times rarer than gold. It's also a key component to the multitrillion-dollar automotive industry.

3 Gold ETFs to Buy and Hold Forever

As a new Energy and Capital subscriber, you deserve better. That’s why our research team put together this free report outlining the three best gold ETFs to buy and hold forever. We’ll look at one bullion ETF, one mining ETF, and one junior mining ETF that are set to outperform their peers in the coming years.

3 Blue Chip Dividend Stocks That Could Double

These three blue chip stocks will get you through the dip. Learn why oil is cyclical, coal companies are undervalued, and the future is all about data.

Top 5G Stocks 2021

The long-awaited rollout of 5G is now underway. But 5G is bigger than just faster smartphones. These are the top 5G stocks for 2021...

Water Investing 101: The Best Water Stocks to Buy

The world is losing the battle for a necessary and sought-after natural resource. It's not oil or clean air, and it's not food; we're losing the battle for fresh water.

Quantum Computing Stocks: Why 2021 Will Be Like Y2K on Steroids and How to Profit 

Investors can wait and then scramble to try to make money reactively — or they can buy in now and ride the quantum computing revolution to new fortunes. 

Options Trading Basics: The Ins and outs of Options Trading for Beginners

Energy and Capital expert Chris DeHaemer explains the basics of Options Trading.

Natural Gas Outlook 2021: Bull in a China Shop

There are some potentially game-changing shifts coming to the natural gas market in the next few months. Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl talks about the future of natural gas and why the best LNG play in 2021 may not be a natural gas stock.

Forget Gold: Three Silver Stocks to Buy Now

Fear makes the markets drop and precious metal prices rise, which is why now is the time to get invested in silver. Luckily for you, we know where to start.

Even Amazon Is Investing in Hydrogen

Batteries are the foundation for many devices. That’s why they’re a hot topic within the investing world. Learn why hydrogen investors are focussing on batteries...

How to Power Your Retirement With Energy Stocks

Investments in energy companies: They're the most ubiquitous investments in the world and are often the most profitable, in good times and bad.

Cobalt Is the Least Discussed Commodity Ever

Cobalt is often an overlooked market but that could be a big mistake by investors. We suggest you keep your eye on the cobalt market and these three companies in particular as lithium-ion batteries take over the rechargeable electronics market.

The One Psychedelics Stock to Own Now

While most folks will equate psychedelics with the hippie movement, acid trips, and illegal substances, some of the most successful investors on the planet are ponying up small fortunes to get an early piece of an industry that some are now calling the next evolution of Big Pharma profits.
Hydrogen Fuel Cells: The Downfall of Tesla?