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The Two Oil Stocks I’m Buying On the Next Dip

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted March 11, 2024

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been talking about the delusional narrative that the mainstream media has had over the past year, particularly when it came to the supply and demand fundamentals for...

The Eternal Battle of Oil Bulls And Bears

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted February 19, 2024

For most of us, Groundhog Day brings another overwhelming feeling — a foreboding sense of déjà vu; whether or not you subscribe to groundhog-based weather forecasts, we’re getting a healthy...

A New Oil Crown Is About to Be Passed

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted February 7, 2024

Make no mistake, China was under the spotlight last year more than ever before because the mainstream narrative was that its economy — and by proxy its oil consumption — would crash. And yet,...

Looking at XOM Stock Dividend? Here Are 2 Other Oil Dividends to Consider

Written by Mike Munno
Posted January 31, 2024

When you mention oil dividends to investors these days, you might be met with mixed emotions. The XOM stock dividend, for instance, is a popular blue-chip dividend play for oil investors.

How to Profit from China’s Failed Communist Experiment

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted January 28, 2024

Last week, China announced that it would cut the reserve requirement ratio for its banks. This basically means banks in China will now be required to hold smaller reserves than what was previously...

The Deep State is Bullish on Oil

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted January 25, 2024

Earlier this week, oil prices climbed following news of an economic stimulus in China, a weaker dollar, and a rather large crude storage withdrawal in the U.S. None of this is coincidental.

The Disconnect Between Oil Markets and Reality Is Widening

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted January 16, 2024

Over the last week, the bitterly cold weather around the world has revealed a lot of hard truths over the reality of our energy situation. Not only have severe winter storms pummelled much of...

Investing in Oil Wells: Promising Oil and Gas Stocks for 2024

Written by Mike Munno
Posted January 10, 2024

Investing in oil wells poses high stakes, attracting risk-tolerant individuals seeking significant rewards. Crude oil, the essential fuel of our modern world, lies beneath the earth's surface,...

A 2024 Oil Winner That Will Surprise You

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted January 8, 2024

Ever since OPEC joined up with Russia and five other countries to form OPEC+, the crude coalition began coordinating their production to buoy oil prices and maintain market stability. 

The 10-Year Bull Market in Oil has Begun

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted December 28, 2023

If analyst Keith Kohl tells me that we’re about to see a 10-year bull market in oil, not only am I paying attention, but I’m asking for his top picks to play it...

A 2024 Oil Prediction That Will Surprise You

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted December 27, 2023

If one thing was glaringly clear to us in 2023, it’s that our domestic oil production rebounded more than most people expected, including me...

Big Oil Sucks! But I’m Still a Buyer at These Levels

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted December 17, 2023

Jeff Siegel despises the Big Oil apologists who think the value of natural capital is trivial and the destruction of our air, soil, and water is just the “cost of doing business.”