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3 Best Oil Stocks to Buy Now

These are the 3 best oil stocks to buy now. Demand is strong and supply is tight in the oil sector. The best way to play this unique situation? You go after the producers. Today, Sara breaks down the three best oil stocks to take advantage of the developing situations impacting the oil market.

Updated October 31, 2023

3 Metaverse Companies to BUY RIGHT NOW

The Metaverse is a term coined by Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook) that represents the new standard for virtual reality.

Updated October 26, 2023

Thorium Investing and the Future of Nuclear Energy

Everything You Need to Know About the Future of Nuclear Energy...

Updated October 26, 2023

Top 3 Nuclear Stocks to Buy Now

Get ready to dive into the world of small modular reactors and the top 3 nuclear stocks to buy NOW.

Updated October 26, 2023

3 Best Lithium Stocks to Buy Now

Hottest Lithium Stocks to Add to Your Portfolio...

Updated October 26, 2023

Brent vs WTI Crude Oil - What's the Difference?

Not all oil was created equal. There are actually a variety of factors that we use to differentiate between them, such as the API gravity (the measurement of an oil’s density relative to water). Today we explain the differences between WTI crude vs. Brent crude...

Updated September 7, 2022

Welcome to Energy & Capital

This video will explain why joining our ranks is one of the most important wealth-making decisions you'll ever make…

Updated July 5, 2022