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Investing in the EU’s Latest Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) Mandate

Analyst Jeff Siegel has certainly been criticized for profiting from the Renewable Fuel Standard, especially because he was always so critical of it. However, he’ll never apologize for making money... even if it means milking government incompetence for everything it’s worth.

By Jeff Siegel on October 2, 2023

Energy Chaos on an Unprecedented Scale

Don’t poke the bear. Just stop already, because if it continues much longer, we’ll bear witness to one hell of an energy crisis… except this time there won’t be a knight in shining armor to come save the day.

By Keith Kohl on September 29, 2023

AOC Comes Clean on Why She Didn’t Buy a Union-Made Car

The early bird gets the golden worm, which is why analyst Jeff Siegel is always on the hunt for the latest in EV technology that allows us to not only enjoy the spoils of the EV race but also make a bunch of cash in the process.

By Jeff Siegel on September 28, 2023

The Next Commodity Supercycle

Nuclear energy is back in fashion as a source of green power. Oil prices are also up, with WTI above $90 and heading to $100. JPMorgan even came out with a $150 price prediction on the black stuff.

By Christian DeHaemer on September 27, 2023

Vindication! I Was Right

Analyst Christian DeHaemer’s investment preditions on Mexico and China came true. Read on...

By Christian DeHaemer on September 26, 2023

A Safe Haven More Valuable Than Gold

While there’s no denying that gold has historically served as a trusted hedge against inflation, it’s not a panacea and it’s definitely not delivering the way all those gold peddlers would have you believe...

By Jeff Siegel on September 25, 2023

Analysis and Opinion

How to Profit from the Coming Coffee Crisis

Written By Jeff Siegel
Posted October 2, 2023

The Inconvenient Truth about Electric Cars and the UAW

Written By Jeff Siegel
Posted September 25, 2023

Why Ford (NYSE: F) will Dominate the Electric Pickup Truck Market

Written By Jeff Siegel
Posted September 18, 2023

Resources and Reports

The Complete Guide to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

NFTs are currently mainly used as proof of ownership for digital art - but there’s no reason they couldn’t be used as a titling system for other kinds of collectibles, including physical items. 

Brent vs. WTI Crude Oil - What is the Difference?

Not all oil was created equal. There are actually a variety of factors that we use to differentiate between them, such as the API gravity (the measurement of an oil’s density relative to water). Inside we explain the differences between WTI crude vs. Brent crude...

Our Top Shale Play

Shale gas stocks are going to soar as shale-gas boomtowns are popping up all across the country.

The State of Oil Outside of the United States

Oil has weathered downturns and energy breakthroughs to become one of the oldest and most profitable energy investments in the world.

Investing in Fracking Stocks

Hydraulic fracturing is a simple process, really. It's used to create fractures in a rock formation by injecting the rock with a mixture of water, proppant (think: sand), and chemicals.
Hydrogen Fuel Cells: The Downfall of Tesla?