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Why Investors Should NOT Put All Their Faith in Gold

As Energy and Capital editor Jeff Siegel noted last week, while you can make some decent coin trading gold stocks, particularly in anticipation of a major economic meltdown, there are still much better ways to make money.

By Jeff Siegel on January 16, 2020

The Oil Secret No Investor Wants to Accept

Despite its best attempts to elevate oil prices, Iran has been failing miserably. Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl reveals an oil secret that no investor wants to accept.

By Keith Kohl on January 15, 2020

Monet, Food Trucks, and JPM Blows it Out

Psychiatrists and other researchers will tell you that humans are optimistic by nature. We anticipate that things will turn out better than they do. We also greatly overestimate the length and power of emotional response.

By Christian DeHaemer on January 14, 2020

Why Oil Won't Get to $100 – and Why It Doesn't Matter

There is a major false belief about the oil industry that's held by most of the public and is simply not true. Over the weekend, Saudi Arabia’s energy minister gave us some evidence of that. Energy and Capital editor Luke Burgess has the details...

By Luke Burgess on January 13, 2020

U.S. LNG Booming, But Russia Stands in the Way

The U.S. liquefied natural gas (LNG) market is the fastest-growing and most potentially profitable sector of fossil fuels for both individual investors and the American economy as a whole. But there's one major obstacle that threatens to disrupt it...

By Luke Burgess on January 10, 2020

Why Gold Is a Stupid Investment for Those Seeking Safety in Times of Turmoil

A coming economic implosion as a result of ill-conceived trade wars, rising debt obligations, and the threat of yet another war in the Middle East — it’s the perfect recipe for a gold bull market.

By Jeff Siegel on January 9, 2020

Analysis and Opinion

Daily Gold Market Update 01/17/2020

Written By Samuel Taube
Posted January 17, 2020

Oil Stocks Roundup 01/17/2020: HP, COP, VNOM

Written By Samuel Taube
Posted January 17, 2020

Daily Gold Market Update 01/16/2020

Written By Samuel Taube
Posted January 16, 2020

Resources and Reports

Investor's Guide to the Booming Marijuana Industry

As medical and recreational use is legalized in the states, the revenue from marijuana will only grow. It's already legal in 25 states to use these new and improved medicines, and more approvals are on the way...

Oil Investing 101

Let’s face facts: no matter what happens in transportation or energy in the next decade, the world is not going to give up on oil. It's used for far too much. From plastics to chemicals, jet fuel to lubricants, there’s nothing that can do the job better, and thus nothing that can replace our petroleum products. Here are the various ways you can invest...

Cloud Computing, AI, and Augmented Reality (And the Four Huge Companies Behind Them)

Technology has changed our world completely, but it is about to enter a hyper-speed acceleration into the future. Between cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and Augmented Reality (AR), investors stand to make handsome gains by getting in on the ground floor...

Brent vs. WTI Crude Oil - What is the Difference?

Not all oil was created equal. There are actually a variety of factors that we use to differentiate between them, such as the API gravity (the measurement of an oil’s density relative to water). Inside we explain the differences between WTI crude vs. Brent crude...

Peak Oil Clock

Peak oil is not a myth, it is a legitimate problem. Peak oil is a real threat to a huge segment of the energy industry. Oil is not a renewable resource. Once it's gone, it'll be gone for good...
Hydrogen Fuel Cells: The Downfall of Tesla?