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The Future of Bitcoin Mining will Be Powered by Clean Energy

While market analyst Jeff Siegel doesn't know the exact trajectory of Bitcoin, he suspects that the cryptocurrency miners that can lower their carbon footprints will further legitimize digital currency. Here's why...

By Jeff Siegel on June 17, 2021

We Were 240 Seconds From Total Disaster

Texas’s power grid was 240 seconds, a mere four minutes away, from a complete disaster. The consequences would have been incalculable, and the thing is... the problem isn't fixed. Energy expert Keith Kohl reveals the piece of technology that could solve this major problem...

By Keith Kohl on June 16, 2021

Time to Buy Oil Stocks

Given the way the media are hyperfocused on meme stocks and crypto, you’d think they were the only game in town. However, while all this speculation is going on there has been a stealth bull market in oil...

By Christian DeHaemer on June 15, 2021

Apollo's Folly — A Warning About the Future

Prophetic... That's what analyst Sean McCloskey can be at times with his market predictions, and while at this point it's pretty obvious to him, folks still aren't listening...

By Sean McCloskey on June 11, 2021

The Floyd Mayweather of Investing

Truth is, if investment analysts were boxers, Energy and Capital would be the gym where Floyd Mayweather, Mike Tyson, and Muhammad Ali trained. Yeah, we’re that good. And we have the track records to prove it.

By Jeff Siegel on June 10, 2021

How to Make Money off Tesla Without Owning a Single Share

Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl shows investors a new source of lithium that billionaires like Elon Musk are salivating over.

By Keith Kohl on June 9, 2021

Analysis and Opinion

Wyoming Bets Millions It Can Bully Other States Into Taking Its Coal

Written By Jeff Siegel
Posted May 3, 2021

Vikings, Teslas, and the Quest for the Perfect Electric Car Stock

Written By Jeff Siegel
Posted January 6, 2021

It was Stupid to Underestimate Jaguar Health (NASDAQ: JAGX)

Written By Jeff Siegel
Posted January 5, 2021

Resources and Reports

Investing in Lithium Batteries

Are lithium batteries to replace oil one day? The electric vehicle movement is gaining momentum every day but there is a little-know aspect of these 21st century cars that is fueling the future and investors are beginning to take notice.

Solar Energy Companies

Energy and Capital reveals which solar energy companies to use as a hedge against volatility in a shaky market, as well as the most important things to consider if you are investing in solar.

Brent vs. WTI Crude Oil - What is the Difference?

Not all oil was created equal. There are actually a variety of factors that we use to differentiate between them, such as the API gravity (the measurement of an oil’s density relative to water). Inside we explain the differences between WTI crude vs. Brent crude...

Why Should You Care About Subsidized Solar Energy?

What if solar energy got the same subsidies as fossil fuels? You'll want to see just how impressive these figures are...

Water Investments

A primer for water investments brought to you by Energy and Capital. Investments in water are set to explode over the next decade.
Hydrogen Fuel Cells: The Downfall of Tesla?