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Cannabis, CrossFit, and One Hell of an Investment Opportunity

This billion-dollar industry is so lucrative, it doesn’t even have to advertise. Last year, the global cannabis market was valued at $7.7 billion. In less than three years, it’ll be worth more than $31.4 billion. This is your chance to be the “smart money.”

By Jeff Siegel on May 24, 2018

An Accidental Fortune in Oil?

It doesn’t happen often, but those who are able to capture that elusive 10-bagger don’t do it by chance. Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl shows readers a new, up-and-coming oil play that could hold your next 10-bagger. Call it a perfect storm for oil stocks...

By Keith Kohl on May 23, 2018

Winners and Losers of $100 Oil

Get ready for an expensive summer. The price of oil is still powering higher, and it seems there's nothing to slow down oil's march back to $100 per barrel. Gas prices are already expected to break record highs this summer...

By Luke Burgess on May 22, 2018

The Kook at the Top of the Market

Near the end of every bull market, there is a Paul Herrlinger pointing out the absurdity of the current frenzy. Energy and Capital editor Christian DeHaemer discusses warning signs for the ends of bull markets and how to lose 22% in a day.

By Christian DeHaemer on May 22, 2018

Got Gas? You Better Fill Up the Tank Today!

Are you ready to pay $4 for a gallon of gasoline this summer? Maybe $10 per gallon in some places? You'd better be. Because the price at the pump is set to shatter records this year. Energy and Capital editor Luke Burgess explains...

By Luke Burgess on May 18, 2018

The Legalization of Marijuana is Coming Thanks to the Supreme Court

A recent Supreme Court decision has virtually guaranteed the legalization of marijuana is coming. Energy and Capital editor Jeff Siegel discusses how investors who aren't already in position can take advantage of the coming wave of wealth...

By Jeff Siegel on May 17, 2018

Analysis and Opinion

Don’t Underestimate The Green Organic Dutchman (TSX: TGOD)

Written By Jeff Siegel
Posted May 23, 2018

Carl Icahn and the Great Ethanol Scam

Written By Jeff Siegel
Posted April 30, 2018

Pot Stocks get Crushed and Haters Celebrate Tesla Woes

Written By Jeff Siegel
Posted March 29, 2018

Resources and Reports

Investor's Guide to the Booming Marijuana Industry

As medical and recreational use is legalized in the states, this number will grow. Recreationally, marijuana could be as popular and profitable as cigarettes, and possibly more so.

Cloud Computing, AI, and Augmented Reality (And the Four Huge Companies Behind Them)

Technology has changed our world completely, but it is about to enter a hyper-speed acceleration into the future. Between cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and Augmented Reality (AR), investors stand to make handsome gains by getting in on the ground floor...

Peak Oil Clock

Peak oil is not a myth, it is a legitimate problem. Peak oil is a real threat to a huge segment of the energy industry. Oil is not a renewable resource. Once it's gone, it'll be gone for good...

How to Invest in the Safety of America’s Infrastructure

Not only will improvements to the national infrastructure boost GDP in the long term, but think of the massive headaches you’ll avoid, and gains you'll make.

Renewable Energy 101: What It Is and Where It's Going

Great emphasis has been put on renewable energy sources over the past few years as people are calling for more sustainable and environmentally sound sources of energy. Renewable energy has answered this call.
Hydrogen Fuel Cells: The Downfall of Tesla?

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