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The New Oil of the 21st Century

Ten years ago, we would’ve been laughed out of the room for even suggesting that EVs might disrupt the auto industry. Perhaps this will change your mind...

By Keith Kohl on January 19, 2022

Fortune Favors the Prepared

It is human psychology, aggression, and conservation that move markets — so-called fear and greed. For the past two years, greed has been winning the day.

By Christian DeHaemer on January 18, 2022

Genetic Watchdogs Can Detect New COVID Variants Early

These scientists have been silently keeping watch against the planet’s most devastating diseases. But their work has never been quite this important...

By Luke Sweeney on January 17, 2022

First-Quarter Earnings Are on Deck — This Is How to Score Triple-Digit Returns

There’s no exact science to trading into earnings season, but Sean McCloskey’s system can help turn meager trades into consistent and stellar gains.

By Sean McCloskey on January 14, 2022

Oil and Gas Stocks Crushed Gold Stocks in 2021

Gold stocks are off to a horrible start in 2022 — already down nearly 7% year to date. Oil and gas stocks? Up nearly 10% in 2022, and they’ll only get better.

By Brian Hicks on January 13, 2022

The Real Winner in "Greenwashing" Our World

Greenwashing the world’s energy landscape is inevitable. However, there are certain realities you have to embrace for that transition to truly take place.

By Keith Kohl on January 12, 2022

Analysis and Opinion

The World Would Be a Better Place if We Treated It Like a Spartan Race

Written By Jeff Siegel
Posted January 3, 2022

How the IRS Could Be the Deciding Factor in the Legalization of Cannabis

Written By Jeff Siegel
Posted October 25, 2021

Why Investing in Oil Pipelines Is Stupid

Written By Jeff Siegel
Posted August 24, 2021

Resources and Reports

The Complete Guide to Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

NFTs are currently mainly used as proof of ownership for digital art - but there’s no reason they couldn’t be used as a titling system for other kinds of collectibles, including physical items. 

Li-Fi 101

Wi-Fi could have a rival... Li-Fi is a technology that uses LED light waves to connect to the Internet with a more secure connection and higher speeds than Wi-Fi.

Investing in Natural Gas

Coal was once the powerhouse of the United States. But now our reliance on it is diminishing and we’re turning to something else: natural gas.

Investing in Lithium Batteries

Are lithium batteries to replace oil one day? The electric vehicle movement is gaining momentum every day but there is a little-know aspect of these 21st century cars that is fueling the future and investors are beginning to take notice.

Our Top Shale Play

Shale gas stocks are going to soar as shale-gas boomtowns are popping up all across the country.
Hydrogen Fuel Cells: The Downfall of Tesla?