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Investing in the End of Pandemics

While vaccine debates make for great political fodder, the bottom line is that most of us are alive today because of vaccines. And in the case of messenger RNA vaccines, this is just the next evolution of vaccine science — and an amazing opportunity for investors to make a lot of money.

By Jeff Siegel on May 13, 2021

What They're Not Telling You About the Colonial Pipeline Cyberattack

In addition to the current fuel shortages, there are some things you need to know. Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl reveals the bigger story that investors aren't being told about the Colonial Pipeline cyberattack.

By Keith Kohl on May 12, 2021

How to Trade the FDA Approval Game

How do you get the big winners in biotech? You play the FDA approval system. Energy and Capital editor Christian DeHaemer discusses how retail investors can utilize "Phase 3 rocket shots" and get the most from the biotech market...

By Christian DeHaemer on May 11, 2021

Bold Prediction: Bitcoin to $125,000

Cryptocurrency super-spikes can deliver life-changing gains. We've seen it time and time again over the past few years. Today, market analyst Sean McCloskey reveals why BTC is headed for $125,000 and discusses what other alt-coins could offer even bigger gains.

By Sean McCloskey on May 7, 2021

Warren Buffett, Robinhood, and the New Paradigm for Creating Wealth in the 21st Century

While market analyst Jeff Siegel has certainly taken advice from the Oracle of Omaha over the years, he’s also been very conscious of the fact that there’s more than one way to make a buck. And it doesn’t always have to be “Warren’s way.”

By Jeff Siegel on May 6, 2021

Power Profits in Biden's Energy Future

For the first time in market history, the market cap of a renewable energy company briefly surpassed that of the mighty ExxonMobil. Market analyst Keith Kohl looks at the biggest winners in Biden's energy future...

By Keith Kohl on May 5, 2021

Analysis and Opinion

Wyoming Bets Millions It Can Bully Other States Into Taking Its Coal

Written By Jeff Siegel
Posted May 3, 2021

Vikings, Teslas, and the Quest for the Perfect Electric Car Stock

Written By Jeff Siegel
Posted January 6, 2021

It was Stupid to Underestimate Jaguar Health (NASDAQ: JAGX)

Written By Jeff Siegel
Posted January 5, 2021

Resources and Reports

Investing in Cryptocurrencies: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Investing in cryptocurrencies can be overwhelming. It can be hard to make a decision on what to buy, where to buy from, and most importantly, when…

Oil Investing 101

Let’s face facts: no matter what happens in transportation or energy in the next decade, the world is not going to give up on oil. It's used for far too much. From plastics to chemicals, jet fuel to lubricants, there’s nothing that can do the job better, and thus nothing that can replace our petroleum products. Here are the various ways you can invest...

Wind Energy Investing: What You Need to Know

Even without the Clean Power Plan or the Paris Agreement in effect, there’s no stopping the spread of renewables across the U.S. and, indeed, all over the world! Get 3 wind energy stocks inside as renewables gain more momentum.

The State of Oil Outside of the United States

In 2016, the United States established itself as a player in the global oil business. Although the US is now a major part of the global oil market, there is still some stiff competition from oil-rich countries. Here are the five countries with the biggest hold on oil outside of the U.S. and how the market will be changing for them in years to come...

Solar Energy Companies

Energy and Capital reveals which solar energy companies to use as a hedge against volatility in a shaky market, as well as the most important things to consider if you are investing in solar.
Hydrogen Fuel Cells: The Downfall of Tesla?