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Investing in Anti-Aging Stocks

Doctors, from biotech firm Verve Therapeutics, have developed a new gene-editing serum that switches off the genes that regulate both LDL cholesterol and triglycerides.  Energy and Capital editor Jeff Siegel explains how investors can take advantage...

By Jeff Siegel on July 2, 2020

The Most Powerful Way to Trade Gold Stocks Today

Gold investors everywhere rejoiced yesterday as gold prices broke the $1,800 threshold. Energy and Capital editor Keith Kohl explains how one investor has nailed the most powerful way to trade gold stocks today and how you can too...

By Keith Kohl on July 1, 2020

I Buried My Mother Yesterday

It is a market truism that Wall Street can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent. And it was John Maynard Keynes who famously said in regards to economic forecasts, “In the long run we are all dead.”

By Christian DeHaemer on June 30, 2020

Investors Rushing to Gold, Experts Predict $10,000 an Ounce

The bullish sentiment on gold is rapidly growing amid both institutional and retail investors as the number of reported COVID-19 cases increases in the U.S., castings shadows on hopes of a fast economic recovery.

By Luke Burgess on June 26, 2020

A Psychedelics Bull Market Is Inevitable

Energy and Capital editor discusses what black market libraries, PTSD, the opioid crisis, psychedelic mushrooms and investors all have in common. It may be more than you realize...

By Jeff Siegel on June 25, 2020

Christian DeHaemer Exposes Wall Street's 90 Year Secret

Energy and Capital editor Christian DeHaemer got his hands on a “leaked” copy of wall street's secret manuals and is ready to share what he has learned with his most trusted readers...

By Christian DeHaemer on June 24, 2020

Analysis and Opinion

Is 7-Eleven Being a Dick to the Oklahoma Cannabis Industry?

Written By Jeff Siegel
Posted June 22, 2020

Investors are Cashing in on Champignon Brands (CSE: SHRM) (OTCBB: SHRMF)

Written By Jeff Siegel
Posted May 28, 2020

Energy Stocks Roundup 05/19/2020: NBLX, CDEV, CCJ

Written By Samuel Taube
Posted May 19, 2020

Resources and Reports

Investing in Cryptocurrencies: The Good, Bad, and Ugly

Investing in cryptocurrencies can be overwhelming. It can be hard to make a decision on what to buy, where to buy from, and most importantly, when…

Oil Investing 101

Let’s face facts: no matter what happens in transportation or energy in the next decade, the world is not going to give up on oil. It's used for far too much. From plastics to chemicals, jet fuel to lubricants, there’s nothing that can do the job better, and thus nothing that can replace our petroleum products. Here are the various ways you can invest...

Wind Energy Investing: What You Need to Know

Even without the Clean Power Plan or the Paris Agreement in effect, there’s no stopping the spread of renewables across the U.S. and, indeed, all over the world! Get 3 wind energy stocks inside as renewables gain more momentum.

The State of Oil Outside of the United States

In 2016, the United States established itself as a player in the global oil business. Although the US is now a major part of the global oil market, there is still some stiff competition from oil-rich countries. Here are the five countries with the biggest hold on oil outside of the U.S. and how the market will be changing for them in years to come...

Solar Energy Companies

Energy and Capital reveals which solar energy companies to use as a hedge against volatility in a shaky market, as well as the most important things to consider if you are investing in solar.
Hydrogen Fuel Cells: The Downfall of Tesla?