Category: Future of Energy

The Media Lied To You About Lithium Too

Written by Alex Koyfman
Posted February 20, 2024

As of this year, there are over 22 billion wireless devices in operation across the world. That’s almost 3 devices for every man, woman and child...

An EV Hater's Favorite Argument

Written by Alex Koyfman
Posted February 13, 2024

Lithium production is about to shed all of its historical shortcomings and transform the industry in the process. There is a company, right now, that’s well on its way to changing the way...

Aptera Stock: The Sole Leader of Solar-Powered Electric Vehicles?

Written by Mike Munno
Posted February 5, 2024

If you've been paying attention to the EV market lately, you've probably heard of Aptera stock. The world of transportation is in the midst of a rapid transformation. Right now, electric vehicles...

Biden’s $1.5B Clean Energy Boondoggle

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted February 4, 2024

Let’s be honest. As much as we like to talk a good game about free market capitalism when it comes to energy, there’s no free market. There never has been. But this one is particularly absurd.

Tomorrow's Lithium Millionaires Are Buying Right Now

Written by Alex Koyfman
Posted January 30, 2024

Right now, more than ever before, investments are pouring into lithium exploration around the world, and much of the investment capital is being put up by our geopolitical rivals in the Far East —...

Tesla Stock vs The Lithium Volcano: Investors to Come Out on Top?

Written by Mike Munno
Posted January 29, 2024

Many investors are wondering if now is the time to load up on Tesla stock. Before you make any decisions, make sure you know all the facts.

It's Time We Had A Talk About Internal Combustion

Written by Alex Koyfman
Posted January 23, 2024

Watching the EV cars of today competing against some of the best and fastest offerings from the internal combustion world has been as disheartening as I imagine it was for the people of the...

SMR Stocks: 2 Small Modular Reactor Stocks to Watch

Written by Mike Munno
Posted January 22, 2024

Small Modular Reactors (SMRs) are the future of the nuclear energy sector. Investors are turning to small modular reactor stocks in hopes that they can ride this wave...

Breaking: Tesla’s Assets Frozen

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted January 22, 2024

Anyone that thinks the EV takeover will happen in the next 5 or even 10 years is suffering from a case of wishful thinking. You see, there are actually two bigger issues for the auto industry to...

Don’t Believe the Hype. Electric Cars Are Here to Stay

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted January 21, 2024

While EVs still have some downsides, they’re not as catastrophic as some folks want you to believe. And whether they like it or not, the EV market will continue to grow rapidly for the...

BREAKING: Nuclear Power to QUADRUPLE Energy Supplies

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted January 14, 2024

In terms of how you can profit from this new generation of nuclear power, your fortunes will be found in fuel — specifically in nuclear fuel. You see, the fuel required to run these SMRs is...

Investing in Graphene: A Guide to Seizing 21st Century Opportunities

Written by Mike Munno
Posted January 9, 2024

If you're contemplating how to invest in graphene, understanding the landscape is crucial. This marvel is on the cusp of transforming industries worldwide...