Breaking: Tesla’s Assets Frozen

Keith Kohl

Written By Keith Kohl

Updated May 15, 2024

Everyone hates clickbait. 

It often leads you down an endless rabbit hole of ads to click and rarely does it ever deliver on truth. 

Most recently, there was a click-bate story about Tesla’s assets being frozen. This story was blasted across the media at the end of last week out of Chicago, where subzero temperatures sparked an unusual uproar from some Americans who ended up with a little buyer’s remorse over their Tesla purchases. 

Anyone watching the story on the news probably thought the apocalypse was here, and it was nothing short of a catastrophe. 

Of course, what good is an EV apocalypse without a picture of the disaster:

tesla abandoned

Tales of horror over charging times taking up to several hours emerged with some EV owners waiting their turn in line for more than five hours, and nearly a dozen cars were forced to be towed after their batteries died in the extreme weather. 

Buyer’s remorse, indeed.

Queue the memes with Teslas entombed in ice as every Musk-hater came out of the woodwork. 

My only question to them is, “What did you expect?”

Look, at the very least, one should do a little due diligence before making a big purchase like a new car. 

Perhaps Americans have been a little too spoiled by warm winters over the last few years. They picked up their shiny new EV without a care in the world, and the last thing on their mind was what would happen when temperatures plummet. 

Maybe they didn’t have a plan in place for when the cold weather finally comes and the battery freezes. 

A few simple precautions that most EV owners I know include never let your battery get below a 20% charge, or opt for a model with higher ranges, or even make sure their EV comes with heated seats and preconditioning, which can help the battery from overstressing when the snow and ice come calling.

If we’re talking about freezing temperatures, AAA has reported that there’s typically a 41% decline in long-range mileage while the heat is running. 

Here’s the thing…

This apocalyptic EV story from the past weekend won’t stop the transition away from ICE vehicles. Over time, the technology will continue improving, and more solutions will be found. 

More importantly, weather ISN’T the biggest obstacle for electric vehicles. 

The Real EV Crisis

Look, I’ll be the first to tell you that this transition away from ICE vehicles isn’t going to happen overnight.

Anyone who thinks the EV takeover will happen in the next 5 or even 10 years is suffering from a case of wishful thinking. 

You see, there are actually two bigger issues for the auto industry to solve before that happens. 

The first is the woefully lackluster charging network across the country. Outside of California, the charging networks simply aren’t in place… not yet. That will take a lot of time and money, but it will happen.

The second problem is a little closer to home for automakers…

Today, there are close to 250 million light-duty ICE vehicles on the road in the United States. Replacing every single one of those gas guzzlers will take more lithium than most care to admit. 

The lithium market is well supplied right now with several new projects coming into fruition. However, it only takes a little research until you realize that lithium production has a bit of a problem. 

Currently, the only way companies are able to extract lithium on a commercial scale is through hard rock mining and lithium brines. Both come at a cost and both come with disadvantages. 

If we’re going to truly have an full-blown EV transition, someone is going to have to come up with a new solution or more lithium. 

We may have the answer already. 

My colleague, Alex Koyfman, recently released an in-depth investment presentation that you need to see. In it, he highlights one company that is bringing an entirely new lithium production process to light, and it may be the game-changer that Musk is looking for. 

I recommend you check this one out for yourself.

Until next time,

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