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I’m Taking Bets — When Will AI Become Human?

Written by Luke Sweeney
Posted April 26, 2023

Humanity’s time as the smartest beings on Earth is finally in jeopardy after our 300,000-year reign. AI is already dangerously close to matching wits with the average college student. 

By that I mean it’s still got some learning to do, and it’s prone to a bit of a liberal bias. 

But just like approximately 60% of those students, AI will go on to do great things. If you thought we had a few more years to gloat about our intelligence over the known universe, you might want to update your timeline. 

ChatGPT isn't going to win awards for personality, but it’s already passing major exams and even writing patent documents that meet strict U.S. Patent Office standards

Unfortunately for that hardworking AI inventor, judges from every level of court denied the issuing of patents to any non-human entity. The Supreme Court outright refused to even hear the case. 

It’s a precedent that is no doubt meant to protect human inventors, but I can’t help thinking it will appear Luddite-ish in the near future. 

Even so, the fact that we are even having this discussion is utterly mind-blowing. 

AI almost didn’t exist in the public eye until about a year ago, and now the highest court in the U.S. is making rulings on whether critical documents can be issued to a computer program

I often imagine how incredible it would be to show our modern technology to someone in the 1960s. But to be honest, I think ChatGPT might even blow the mind of someone in 2020. 

AI is surging unlike anything else we’ve ever seen in history. Every growth chart by any metric you can imagine looks something like this: 

AI patent filings

Or this:

ai market

Or one of my particular favorites: 

AI stock surge

If you haven't made your play in the AI space, I can’t overstate how important this moment is. We’re still in the early stages of one of the biggest and most lucrative tech revolutions in human history.

You Can’t Invest in ChatGPT, but Here’s Something BETTER

Don’t worry, I’m just as upset as anyone that ChatGPT is choosing to stay a private company and Microsoft puppet. 

Any public offering from the current rock stars of AI would be met with a frenzy that would make a hectic day on the trading floor look like child's play.  

If you want to put your money in ChatGPT, you have to pony up for Microsoft shares — $277 a pop!

That’s OK, though. We have a secret method at Angel Publishing for this exact situation, though it’s never been used on quite this scale before. 

Our plan for a seismic technological shift is simple: Look for the “enablers.” These smaller companies often make specific components that go into bigger devices — think camera manufacturers for smartphones. 

A few suppliers became billion-dollar hardware businesses based solely on deals with Apple. Imagine being able to invest in the penny stock that suddenly lands a deal to make hardware for the iPhone. 

The obvious question I get at this point is: “Why doesn’t everyone do that? It sounds so easy!” 

Well, it’s not always easy to tell which suppliers will land these big contracts. However, with a little sleuthing, it’s often possible to tell which company is capable of meeting demand. Factor in location and recent finances, and you can narrow down the list even further. 

The other big problem is that once-in-a-lifetime tech revolutions tend to only come around once in a lifetime. And in many cases, nobody can tell the revolution is coming until it happens. 

Trust me when I say that’s not the case here. AI is going to completely upend the tech world, and you need to get your cut of the money. 

Investing in AI doesn’t have to be complicated. You certainly don’t need to understand it fully to make a killing off it. 

There are a few important things you should know, however. That includes a few easy mistakes that first-timers often make

Our readers instantly qualify for a free video guide, linked here. It’s an easy walk-through to show you how we can make incredible gains in the hottest market of 2023. 

You can thank me later. 

To your wealth,

Luke Sweeney
Contributor, Energy and Capital

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Luke’s technical know-how combined with an insatiable scientific curiosity has helped uncover some of our most promising leads in the tech sector. He has a knack for breaking down complicated scientific concepts into an easy-to-digest format, while still keeping a sharp focus on the core information. His role at Angel is simple: transform piles of obscure data into profitable investment leads. When following our recommendations, rest assured that a truly exhaustive amount of research goes on behind the scenes..

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