AI Fears Nearly Triple Among College-Educated Workers

Alex Koyfman

Written By Alex Koyfman

Posted October 25, 2023

Dear Reader,

Maybe you’re one of these people…

A growing segment of working Americans now view artificial intelligence as a threat to their livelihoods. 

According to a Gallup poll conducted this past August, 22% of workers fear their occupation could be replaced by machines — a nearly 30% increase over 2021’s results. 

Even more shocking is the swell of fear among college-educated Americans a 150% increase between 2021 and today as software like ChatGPT and other generative AI applications rose to prominence. 

And it makes perfect sense. 

It's these people who tend to occupy higher positions in the corporate food chain who thought they were immune to the technological revolution. 

Sure, the factories will become automated; that’s been going on for decades already. But leadership roles? No, those were safe. Those could never be supplanted by machine thinking… right?

Is AI About to Make YOU Obsolete?

Today, that’s an opinion that fewer and fewer people hold, and, after seeing what I saw last week, I have to count myself among this emerging population of modern-day Luddites. 

One of my colleagues turned me on to a company that’s producing what it calls "Enterprise AI." 

It’s an innocuous enough term, but what it does and how it does it will make your average Terminator aficionado’s hair stand on end. 

I checked out a demo video on YouTube and watched as this machine brain was tasked with analyzing a mid-cap company’s performance projections for the following quarter. 

Within seconds, the machine picked apart the work of human analysts and showed that the company was indeed headed for what would have been a surprising and substantial shortfall due to the underperformance of a single mid-level employee. 

enterprise ai

The employee’s lack of experience and industry connections were determined to be the root cause of a cascading problem that resulted in nine figures of lost revenue. 

The computer brain then went on to suggest solutions to the problem, including projections of revenue saved if proper measures were taken. 

We're Now Past the Point of No Return With Artificial Intelligence

No single human, or even group of humans, is capable of this level of thinking, even if there were days or weeks to solve the problem. 

There were simply too many moving parts and too much interplay. Within the confines of a human mind, this problem would have faded into chaos if all available data was given proper consideration. 

For this machine, it was as easy as pouring milk into coffee, and it took about as long. 

Want proof that it works? The DoD is already a client of the company pioneering this management-level artificial intelligence

It’s already been adopted by the U.S. Army and Air Force, as well as a number of high-powered tech and defense industry giants. 

If they’re willing to trust it to streamline operations, it must be good… and yes, that’s a major threat to management. 

Slowly but surely, or maybe quickly but surely, it will crawl up the food chain, augmenting and inevitably replacing management positions, until it reaches the very top. 

Have We Asked AI What It Thinks of Congress?

And if it works there, where can't it do the same thing? Government? Our justice system? What can't be "optimized" by machine intellect?

enterprise ai

Scared yet?

Well, there’s a lot more to this technology and what it can do. 

It might magnify your concerns, but it just might open your eyes to a bigger truth: This could be the investment opportunity of a lifetime for those who read the signs right.

The guy who told me about it knows more about this truly game-changing expression of artificial intelligence than almost anybody out there. 

His name is Jason Simpkins, and in this video presentation, he’ll answer all of your questions.

Fortune favors the bold,

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