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Alex Koyfman

Written By Alex Koyfman

Posted October 21, 2023

Dear Reader,

So far, the AI industry has delivered some pretty amusing toys for us to play with. 

With the help of these tools, I can now write a page-long summary of what happened on the public markets in the voice of a pirate, I can generate a picture of my worst enemy in high school on the ground, nursing from a bloated sow, or I can make a video of Donald Trump sprinting from the cops like a teenage crack dealer. 

trump running

It’s been fun, it’s brought us a lot of laughs, and, more than once, it’s made us say "whoa" without a trace of sarcasm. 

The technology is undoubtedly impressive, but this is hardly the mental imagery we’ve been conditioned to default to when the term "artificial intelligence" is mentioned. 

Where are the more traditional, practical expressions of the technology?

Where is the AI that removes humans from decision trees, rendering us little more than fleshy servants of our new, electron-driven overlords?

Where are the all-knowing, all-seeing Hals, Skynets, and V’gers of the futuristic dystopia we seem to be barreling into at full speed?

Well, as some of you more seasoned science-fiction aficionados may have guessed, those technologies are coming too, but far more discreetly. 

The "Dangerous AI" Is Already Out There

While the rest of us fiddle away with fake photos, fake footage, and fake prose, there is a company out there that’s already been contracted by the U.S. Army and the U.S. Air Force to start making major logistical decisions in order to improve battle readiness, streamline supply chain dynamics, and decrease downtime. 

This company has developed a breakthrough-level technology that actually crunches millions of bits of data, figures potential pitfalls, and is able to preemptively act on those pitfalls. 

Go to YouTube and search for one of this company’s product demonstrations, and you’ll find a brief clip where this AI traces a large corporation’s slipping revenue down to a single mid-level employee, devises a way to help this employee through training and networking, and puts together a plan to bring all associated moving parts back into concert to save the quarter.

It does this in seconds, saving human decision-makers weeks or months of meetings, discussions, and aimless chitchat.

The end result, unlike the typical product of committee-crafted plans of action, is focused, pragmatic, and tested to the nth degree in complex simulations that consider every last bit of data available.


It may seem like run-of-the-mill management to the uninitiated, and that’s precisely what it is — management

And that represents a massive leap forward in the way business is run. Before this, all major decisions were made by human overseers. Those decisions, despite the best efforts of the people who made them, were often tainted with the egos and short-sightedness inherent to all products of the Homo sapien brain.

Now, for the first time ever, entire decision chains will be left to a machine that never forgets a detail, never gets tired, never gets stressed, never gets lazy, and never takes it personally.

Now, as I already mentioned, this technology, which is being called "Enterprise AI" for its ability to aid in complex decision-making within large organizational structures, has already been embraced by the Department of Defense. 

But it’s also been adopted by a slew of well-known brands. 

It's Already in Your Home

Google, Microsoft, Shell, Raytheon, and Baker Hughes are all on the client list, representing over $4.5 trillion worth of market capitalization. 

With tech giants like Google and Microsoft — both of which have their own artificial intelligence research and development projects in full swing — as not just clients but also strategic partners with this company, the level of trust already placed on this intellectual property is substantial to say the least. 

Now, a bit on the company itself… 

In the world of technology firms, it’s not big at all just $3 billion in market capitalization. 

That’s less than 1% the size of some of its clients, but that should be expected of an organization that operates within a space that didn’t exist in any substantive form up until just a few years ago. 

Moving forward, AI’s presence in high-level decision-making will only increase more and more, and focused, pure-play companies like this one will see the lion’s share of the growth. 

I know this may scare many of you, with nightmarish science-fiction scenarios circling through your imagination as you try to fall asleep at night, but it’s helpful to reframe the way you see this technology. 

Technologies like Enterprise AI were not conceived to wrestle ideological control over companies and societies away from humans.

It's a Smart Tool, Not a Diabolical Adversary

What they will do is make the achievement of goals and policies quicker and more painless. 

Those policies the decisions that define the spirit of any collection of minds and egos will remain in human hands. 

To remain competitive, however, the benefits that a rapid, tireless super-intellect can provide will have to become standard practice in business as well as government. 

And that makes this one of the easiest-to-identify trends I’ve ever encountered. 

My colleague Jason Simpkins has been writing about this company and its revolutionary decision-making AI for some time now. 

Of all the artificial intelligence applications I’ve ever seen, this one has the furthest-reaching implications and thus boasts some of the best and safest long-term growth potential.

I can keep you here all day with my impressions and predictions on what this tech will do in the next couple years, but if you want to hear it all straight from the horse’s mouth, I invite you to check out Jason’s presentation right here.

It’s quick and entertaining, and will get you up to speed on where we are in terms of AI development and where we’re going. 

You will come to understand the power and potential that executives and administrators across the country are starting to embrace. 

And look, I understand completely if you still think that this is a real-world Skynet. 

If that’s the case, it’s even more critical for you to watch this video and learn the real facts about the most important expression of artificial intelligence in existence today.

Fortune favors the bold,

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