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This Happens With 100% Certainty

Alex Koyfman

Written By Alex Koyfman

Posted January 8, 2024

Dear Reader,

If you were awake at any point during 2023, you’re probably beyond sick and tired of hearing about artificial intelligence. 

It was everywhere, including all over the mainstream financial media to a degree unseen since the early days of cryptomania back in late 2017. 

The problem with manias is that the bubbles they inflate eventually burst. 

It happens with 100% certainty going back to the very beginning of public markets during the European renaissance, with the cause of the bubble failure being the same as the cause of its expansion in the first place — the influx of mainstream investors. 

Back during the cryptocraze, the first explosion of mainstream investor interest took bitcoin prices from $1000 in February 2017, all the way to $19,000 in December. 

The First Wave Of Sheep Always Gets Slaughtered

Millions of emotional amateurs, driven by greed and FOMA, piled into the little-understood vehicle to push BTC to a peak of $19,140 on December 11. 

6 weeks later, BTC was down almost 60%, and by the following winter, it was down more than 80% to under $4000. 

The weak hands carried it up on a wave of manic buying, and those same weak hands, terrified that they’d bought high and were now losing it all, pulled out and caused the subsequent crash. 

It happens every time. 

But looking at what came after, we see that the long-term opportunity only comes into focus once the weak hands had removed themselves from the equation. 


Organic growth takes hold and brings prices up higher than ever before. 

3 Years and 11 months after the bitcoin bubble first popped at $19,140, BTC was trading at over $65,000. 

Human Nature In A Single Pattern

Like I said, the certainty of this bubble, bust and subsequent organic growth pattern is just about 100%. 

Emotion wins out among the masses leading to loss and heartbreak, while the steel-willed few walk away orders of magnitude richer.

If you want to see an even more macro-scale example of this, just look at the Nasdaq Composite chart over the last couple decades. 


The tech bubble, driven by early forays into the world of internet mass-commercialization, is little more than a bump in the road to the historic growth of the 2010s.

Today we’re seeing the same exact pattern playing out with the AI sector. We saw the bubble inflate and pop in 2023. And right now, we’re seeing the first effects of the organic growth that will take AI to the next level of integration. 

The Easiest Prediction I’ve Ever Made

Just look at ROBT, BOTZ and AIQ, three of today’s most popular artificial intelligence ETFS. 


There’s a sudden rise, there’s a collapse and now with the hype mostly evaporated, we’re looking at the early signs of a second ascent.

To the investors not interested in taking roller coaster rides, this is the place where you want to get onboard. 

But where do you get onboard?

The Risk Tolerant Will Win Again, With 100% Certainty

Well, if your goal is to find an AI stock that’s critical to the foundation of the tech itself but is still small enough to be overlooked, there is only one stock I can think of. 

I’ve been following one firm that I like to refer to as an  AI “picks and shovels” investment. 

This company’s product is the training algorithms that other tech companies use to build their own AI platforms. 

Among its clients are at least 4 of the 5 biggest names in tech — Meta (FB), Alphabet (GOOG), Microsoft, (MSFT), Amazon (AMZN) and Apple (AAPL) — and possibly all 5.

Just imagine being the company that supplies Ford, Honda, Toyota and Volkswagon with sheet steel. 

Despite this unique positioning in the industry, this company is chronically overlooked by the retail investment community. 

It’s currently valued at less than a quarter billion with shares trading at around $8 on the Nasdaq. 

Unassuming, overlooked and located across the country from the glitz and glamour of Silicon Valley, this company’s product provides the basis for much of today’s and tomorrow’s AI. 

So that’s the company. 

The only other factor is timing. 

With the mania phase done with, right now is precisely when cool-headed and patient investors are starting to build their positions. 

Want to learn more?

I’ve got a presentation that lays it all out.

Access is instant and completely free of charge, but use this information wisely because we’re not going to see buy in opportunities like this in the AI sector again.

Fortune favors the bold,

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