Weekly AI Update: Musk Makes His Play

Written By Luke Sweeney

Updated May 15, 2024

Remember when Elon Musk and a few of his billionaire buddies told the world to stop working on AI due to “risks to society”? 

In my last article, I made the incredibly safe assumption that the Musk brigade was just trying to stall while tinkering with their own AI projects. 

Musk clearly didn’t waste any time proving me right. 

elon tucker

During an interview with Tucker Carlson, in between the usual fearmongering and finger pointing, the two discussed Musk’s next step: an AI chatbot called “TruthGPT.” 

ChatGPT, the original wave-maker in the AI industry, has frequently been criticized for having a liberal bias. Carlson even claims during the interview that these programs are malicious Democrat plots to control your brain. 

Enter Elon Musk. He claims his TruthGPT will somehow cut through the bias and only respond to users with “the truth,” if such a thing still exists in the tech world. 

Nothing could be more easily said than done. 

I can’t even imagine how Musk plans to create an AI that runs exclusively on factual statements. Hell, humans can barely stay honest half the time, Musk himself included. 

If it were that simple, I imagine every AI would be doing it. But if you ask me, this smoke screen of AI as a boogeyman is just a marketing pitch for Musk’s inevitable TruthGPT release. 

He knows exactly how big this technology is going to be, and I don’t think he will ever get over his decision to walk away from OpenAI. 

His only option now is to try to stall the competition and poison the well using his vast social media reach to paint AI as a dangerous liberal cesspool.

hunter biden chatgpt

It’s a transparent but bizarrely effective message: If any red-blooded American patriots want REAL news, they’ll need to use TruthGPT. 

He Might Not Be Wrong, but He Sure as Hell Isn’t Right

One of the most enigmatic things about Musk is his ability to stumble on to a good point even while he’s somewhat off the mark. 

A “maximum truth-seeking AI” isn’t going to happen anytime soon. AI is only as smart as the real-world data that feeds it — unless Musk is implying reality has a liberal bias?

He’s afraid that the creators of ChatGPT are teaching it to lie for their own gain, something I’m sure he would never do with his own program. 

He especially doesn't trust OpenAI because Microsoft has sunk its claws into the company to the tune of $10 billion. Instead of being an open-sourced, nonprofit company, the founders reorganized it into a profit machine. 

That’s a valid point. Big Tech is desperate to turn AI into a pay-for-play arcade that squeezes maximum profit from each user. However, it’s almost comical for one of the world’s richest men to pretend he would do otherwise. 

His takeover of Twitter has been dominated by glitches, downtime, and desperate cash grabs. He completely destroyed verification systems, leading to a wave of impersonations and fraudulent accounts. 

Why would we think his TruthGPT will be any different? 

The takeaway here is simple: AI is by far the most sought-after technology we’ve seen in decades. Everyone wants it, even if they claim they don’t. 

It won’t be long before Musk is sinking billions into his very own chatbot, adding to the massive list of new programs that have sprung up recently

The amount of money flowing into AI development is out of control. Even the wildest analyst predictions can’t keep up with the growth. 

We’re on the ground floor of a massive tech revolution — and for once, everyday investors like us can grab a piece of it.

Forget Musk and OpenAI, and ignore the tech oligarchy and the blue chips for now, because I’ve got something much better… 

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To your wealth,

Luke Sweeney
Contributor, Energy and Capital

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