Unleashing AI in Health Care: Who Is Leading the Charge?

Written By Luke Sweeney

Updated May 15, 2024

If you’ve ever had the displeasure of dealing with the IT department at your average hospital, you'll know it's painfully outdated. 

Sure, the MRIs and ventilators might be top of the line, but your confidential information is still being sent back and forth via fax machines, while doctors respond to calls from old-school pagers.

fax machine

Even some of the top medical facilities in the world are desperately in need of a good upgrade. And according to the shockingly advanced tech at the recent HIMSS Conference, AI is already finding its niche in health care. 

A company called TeleVox recently burst on to the scene with its AI-enabled omnichannel healthcare platform. This groundbreaking system uses advanced algorithms and natural language processing (NLP) to interact with patients, medical professionals, and insurance companies. 


It uses messaging and AI voice responses to essentially become a super-smart physician's assistant. It’s a massive leap in efficiency that will soon be a necessity in every hospital.

This AI can automate appointment scheduling, reminders, and follow-up communications, freeing up valuable time for humans to do more human things. 

And the potential isn't just limited to hospitals — telehealth will allow patients in rural and underserved areas to connect with healthcare professionals quickly and easily. 

But if you ask me, AI-based diagnostics and treatment recommendations are the real golden opportunity here. After all, a good doctor simply takes your symptoms and compares them with previous data — something computers are much, much better at. 

It will undoubtedly elevate the standard of care across the entire global medical industry, leading to a higher quality of care, with fewer errors and more successful outcomes.

The Most Important AI Application on Earth? 

It’s a no-brainer — what could be more important than keeping people alive? 

The world has become infatuated with chatbots and goofy image generators, but applications like this are almost certainly going to take priority. 

Medical professionals shouldn't worry about this AI “stealing” their jobs, as there will never be a replacement for human-to-human patient care. But soon enough, every single healthcare worker will have an AI to back them up. 

TeleVox and its competition are the early birds that are paving the way for the rest of the industry. But there will have to be a few specific upgrades to the way we interact with AI before it will become the perfect doctor we want it to be. 

Most importantly, doctors don’t have time to type out a long text and wait for the reply to slowly scroll across the screen. They need to be able to ask questions in real time and hear the answer instantly.

For that reason, the most important upgrade to AI is going to be conversational voice interaction. Instead of the nearly useless “Hey, Google!” functionality of yesteryear, AI will need to be always listening and ready to relay whatever information it is asked for. 

If you tried to do this using the hardware on your phone, you’d be in for a very frustrating conversation. 

Not only are the brains of the average smartphone nowhere near powerful enough to support a conversational AI, but the speakers and microphones just wouldn't cut it. 

Right here is where our nearly foolproof investment opportunity lies. AI is only a few upgrades away from talking to you like a real human assistant. That means we need hardware, and a lot of it. 

Our current favorite play has been unanimously endorsed by our entire team of analysts — a rare occurrence at Angel. 

This company makes advanced microphones that are so small they're barely identifiable as microphones, yet still powerful enough to pick up your voice in a crowded room.

Knowles MEMS

I’d share more with you here, but this information is proprietary, and we don’t want to trigger a major buying spree. 

Learn more on our secure site — no registration or signup needed.

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