Technology Is About to Hit Another "Great Convergence"

Written By Christian DeHaemer

Posted March 2, 2021

In 1978, a guy named James Burke wrote a book called Connections, which was then turned into a 10-part documentary for the BBC.

In it, he showed how historic discoveries, scientific achievement, and world events were stacked one on the next in an interconnected way that led to some modern technological achievements like landing on the moon and the atomic bomb.

One episode was called “The Long Chain.”

According to Wikipedia:

“The Long Chain” traces the invention of the fluyt freighter in Holland in the 16th century. Voyages were insured by Edward Lloyd (Lloyd’s of London) if the ships’ hulls were covered in pitch and tar (which came from the colonies until the American War of Independence in 1776).

In Culross, Scotland, Archibald Cochrane (ninth earl of Dundonald) tried to distill coal vapor to get coal tar for ships’ hulls, which led to the discovery of ammonia.

The search for artificial quinine to treat malaria led to the development of artificial dyes, which Germany used to produce fertilizers to grow wheat and led to the advancement of chemistry, which in turn led to DuPont’s discovery of polymers such as nylon.

As a history dork, I find this stuff fascinating, even if I have to watch it on YouTube in a grainy video from the 1970s.

Take the IPhone

Once a decade or so, technology hits a turning point when all of the advancements necessary for a big change reach a certain level of maturity. For example, the smartphone was promised in the late 1990s but really didn’t come together until the iPhone 4 was released in 2010.  

That’s when the touchscreen, front-facing camera, gyroscopic sensor, processing power, memory, battery power, phone size, and connectivity launched a whole slew of new businesses and apps.

You wouldn’t have TikTok, Robinhood, or nonfungible tokens without the smartphone.

Now the world is ready for another leap into the future. This will be when computers process in the third dimension. Over 1 billion smartphones have now been sold with three cameras, which will ensure it is commonplace.

About a decade ago, Google tried to come out with smart glasses. It failed because it was more of a prototype than a finished product, with too many kinks to be worked out.

But the time is right to have a “great convergence” of technology like:

  • The internet of things  
  • Artificial intelligence 
  • 5G 
  • Machine learning 
  • Mixed reality 
  • Blockchain

Computing in the third dimension is now here.  

Microsoft just announced new features for its HoloLens, one of which is the Azure Remote Render. It allows for complex 3D models by streaming them in real time to mixed-reality devices such as the HoloLens2. Companies like automaker Bentley are already using this technology in their engineering and design processes.

The world around us is becoming our playground, where a single look or gesture summons the information we need — almost like magic.

Until now, you could only glimpse this world in science-fiction movies like The Matrix, Ready Player One, or The Avengers

But today, science fiction is becoming reality.

Doctors can now see and interact with organs outside the human body…

Engineers can see complex wiring instructions superimposed on top of a wind turbine or airplane engine…

And designers can see their latest Nike shoe invention in real time.

And this is the REAL reason why Apple and Google added spatial technology to your cellphone. 

The biggest tech giants in the world want you to get comfortable in this new playground.

Because very soon, we’re all going to make the leap from tiny glowing screens into “space.”

No, not outer space! I’m talking about the space right in front of you. 

What’s coming next will blow your mind. It’s all the tech geeks can talk about right now.

And it’s happening faster than you think. 

The brand-new iPhone 12 is actually just a cleverly disguised pocket-size computer that can model in 3D. 

Once folks catch on, everyone will be talking about this new technology and interest will go parabolic.

Fortunes will be made… for those who were smart enough to get in NOW.  

One smart glasses company I’ve recommended is up more than 345% in three months! Things are starting to happen. Watch the video here, and start making money today. 

Best regards,

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