Japan's Secret Weapon

Keith Kohl

Written By Keith Kohl

Posted August 28, 2011

There’s a massive push right now for liquid natural gas…

And you won’t hear a thing about it in the mainstream media.

The fact is that, while North American natural gas prices are in the basement, this is the last place the average investor looks for a story.

The smart money knows otherwise.

It’s a fact you can’t afford to ignore.

And the best part is it’s still very early in the game.

Another Slave to the OPEC

We’ve all considered the reality of the United States’ enslavement to OPEC oil.

(And you can bet it’s a talking point for nearly every politician looking to score some bonus points with his or her constituents.)

In 2010, OPEC shipped us nearly five million barrels per day, making up about 41% of all our crude imports. This figure has more than doubled during the last twenty-five years.

But if you think that’s bad, our situation doesn’t hold a candle to Japan’s dependence on the OPEC.

Take a look for yourself:

Small Japan oil importsclick to enlarge image

Japan’s oil production is non-existent, forcing the country to rely on the OPEC for more than three-quarters of the country’s entire oil demand.

Seriously, that is not the position any country wants to find itself in.

It’s a good thing they have a plan…

Investor’s Take Advantage of Japan’s Transition

Although Japan’s liberation from OPEC is far off, we can clearly see the direction the country is headed — and it’s not towards more oil consumption.

Earlier this week, my colleague Jeff Siegel discussed Japan’s plans to avoid an all-out energy crisis.

The long term presents an unprecedented opportunity for investors to take advantage of Japanese solar ambitions, but there’s an immediate opportunity opening up for investors in LNG…

Japan’s desire for LNG has become more pronounced during the last few months.

A recent report released by Deutsche Bank projects Japan’s LNG demand could grow by as much as 800,000 million tonnes per month. In June 2011, year-over-year imports rose 10.6%. Right now, Asian LNG spot prices are around $15.50/mmBtu.

And as always, the smart money will follow this growth.

Can you think of a better time for the United States to jump on the action?

Enjoy your weekend,

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Keith Kohl
Editor, Energy and Capital

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