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USAF Skyborg Opportunity

Posted February 16, 2021

Before World War I, generals thought the fighting spirit and a cavalry charge were the weapons needed to dominate the battlefield. They were wrong — it was the Maxim machine gun.

Before World War II, admirals thought the big guns and thick armor of battleships would control the high seas. They were wrong too. It turns out it was the aircraft carrier.

They say the generals always fight the last war because it is where they learned to lead. Furthermore, explosive innovation tends not to happen during peacetime. 

There may be some who believe World War III will be fought with aircraft carriers and hotshot pilots like in Tom Cruise's schlock-fest Top Gun or perhaps with GPS missiles as in Desert Storm... but they are wrong. 

The next war will be fought with robots.

Right now, air forces around the world are developing autonomous drone swarms to act alone or in concert with a control plane.

The U.S. Air Force calls its new system Skyborg. It’s a family of robotic air vehicles designed to work with manned aircraft in dangerous airspace.

It sounds cool and ominous, and it is. But as an investor, I wanted to look behind the surface, and what you’ll find is world-changing. To have a workable Skyborg system, you need autonomous vehicle technology, ultra-reliable connectivity, and enough flexibility in architecture to encompass everything from attack to search and rescue.

In effect, it is the ultimate spatial computing test. Spatial computing is taking the 2D computer we are familiar with and adding the third dimension. Spatial computing combines artificial intelligence, 3D sensors, seamless communication, and big data into new tools to interact with and manipulate the world.

So far, the USAF has given out four contracts for unmanned drones. These were awarded to Boeing (NYSE: BA), Northrop Grumman (NYSE: NOC), General Atomics, and Kratos (NASDAQ: KTOS). Kratos has gone from $10 a year ago March to $34 today.

The USAF also hired a system design agent called Leidos (NYSE: LDOS), a $14 billion technical services company. That stock is also up, but consultants are always a poor investment.

That said, anything to do with spatial computing is hot right now. One drone company I recommended at $0.50 in June 2020 is now trading at $3.86.  That’s a 672% gain in 7.5 months.  

You’d take those type of gains in a second. It’s incredible. And it all has to do with how computers interact with things in the real world in real time. 

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