AI Unlocks a Secret Fortune in the Energy Sector

Written By Luke Sweeney

Updated May 15, 2024

Energy investments crushed the broader market last year. That’s hardly news — we’ve been urging readers to get on board since at least 2021. 

energy sector 2022 performance

China’s economic reawakening, Russia’s baffling commitment to wrecking its own economy, and OPEC’s constant meddling are all to blame for energy companies making “more money than God,” as President Biden so eloquently put it. 

But as you’ve probably noticed, a brand-new money printer has recently burst on to the scene. 

This year, artificial intelligence (AI) programs are invading just about every industry you can think of. 

By digging through huge amounts of data and making their own intelligent decisions, these ultra-smart programs are saving companies a fortune. 

Most people outside the energy sector don’t fully understand just how much goes to waste. Experts typically agree that nearly 70% of all power generated worldwide is wasted through some form of “inefficiency.” 

Considering the amount of money spent on energy, that’s frankly unacceptable. However, that’s the standard we’re forced to accept. 

AI is already helping these companies in the energy sector unlock their hidden wealth. 

By using predictive models and intelligent optimization software, every corner of the market is getting a much-needed upgrade.

Power plant operators are saving boatloads of money that was previously left on the table. 

Utilities are wasting less and providing better service for customers. 

But most importantly of all, AI is doing all of this without spending a fortune. 

So many promised solutions to current energy mismanagement involve hefty upfront investment and minimal savings. Executives take one look at the numbers and decide not to fix whatever isn't catastrophically broken. 

But if you ask me, 70% of all energy wasted is a monumental failure. 

It’s Time for Energy to Get Smarter

At its core, AI is an attempt to give computers the gift of intuition. 

Just like humans, these programs can access an enormous trove of information, identify patterns, and return the best result — all in a fraction of a second. 

Text generators like ChatGPT can generate lifelike text, and DALL-E can create nearly any image you can imagine, but those are just the most heavily publicized examples. 

AI platforms are putting the awesome power of machine learning into the hands of anyone who wants it. 

Manufacturing, military operations, legal services, medical diagnostics, and countless others are getting the same upgrades as the energy sector.

That’s what AI does. It takes industries that have been forced to settle for abysmal levels of efficiency and makes them better. 

Take one of my personal favorite industries as an example: nuclear energy.

Nuclear energy has by far the least wasted energy AND the greatest energy per gram of any known fuel. The thousands of engineers who brought us to this point deserve extra commendation. 

That doesn't mean there isn’t room to improve, though. 

Unlike other conventional sources, nuclear has to constantly fight for its right to exist. A good chunk of the public is irrevocably afraid of it, and penny-pinching politicians are by nature terrified of the development costs. 

AI could change all that in an instant. Just don’t blink!

Smarter, Safer, and More Powerful — What’s Not to Like?

Suggesting that an industry as complex as nuclear energy should simply “get smarter” sounds daunting, but it’s absolutely necessary. 

For the most part, nuclear reactors rely on a fuel design that has gone decades without significant improvement. 

typical nuclear fuel rod

It might look complicated, but it’s more or less a bunch of uranium pellets shoved into metal tubes. It works, but any imperfections can cause dangerous swelling that can lead to a meltdown if left unchecked. 

That’s where AI comes in. Instead of testing hundreds of new fuel designs, risking disaster each time, researchers can now simulate the process and identify any major problems before they cause the next Chernobyl

moose AI program

Based on the news coverage I've seen (or the lack thereof), most people are still too busy generating poems in Homer Simpson’s voice or creating images of a goat wearing Renaissance attire. 

This type of AI application, the type that will seriously change the world TODAY, is being totally ignored. 

That’s fantastic news for us, especially if you're looking for a realistic ground-floor opportunity in an endless sea of hype. 

Look no further than this small team of nuclear fuel experts. They've managed to create and secure exclusive patents for a type of fuel that is a step above anything else the industry has ever seen.

lightbridge fuel

Thanks to the AI programs hosted at the Idaho National Laboratory (INL), this company’s design is all but guaranteed to outperform the old rod-and-pellet method. 

As the company secures final approval from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, its shares are trading at a mouthwateringly low price. But once this new fuel hits the market, it could become a new mandatory standard for the industry. 

Imagine every fuel manufacturer and reactor operator on Earth clamoring to be first in line. Trust me, it won’t just be a fantasy for long.

Get the full details here for free, no registration required.

To your wealth,

Luke Sweeney
Contributor, Energy and Capital

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