Who Is Holding Back the COVID Cure?

Written By Luke Sweeney

Posted December 6, 2021

American health care is a unique beast. 

In many ways, it’s hands down one of the most advanced networks on Earth, featuring cutting-edge treatments and some of the best doctors available. 

Yet despite all that, a huge portion of the country simply can’t access the care it needs. Reports show that more than one-fifth of Americans can’t afford the most basic health care…

Even those making six-figure incomes.


Like so many illnesses before it, COVID-19 treatment has become locked behind a paywall in America. Sure, we have plenty of vaccine doses to dish out to the masses, but they’re still far from perfect. 

And for patients who have already caught the virus, there are still very few effective treatments. 

One form of therapy is currently considered the gold standard. And unsurprisingly, it has been largely ignored by certain news outlets. 

According to the world’s top epidemiologists, this is the only effective way to treat COVID-19 cases. 

It doesn’t prevent patients from catching it, nor does it cure the virus once it’s caught. It works in a completely different way than vaccines or questionable antivirals like Ivermectin. 

But the most important part? It works. 

Mayo Clinic has already performed thousands of these procedures, with excellent results across the board. 

Which begs the question… what is it??!!

It’s Exactly What You Would Expect…

The type of treatment I’m referring to is monoclonal antibody therapy. Unlike vaccines, it’s only useful after you’ve caught the virus. 

Monoclonal antibodies are artificial versions of natural cells that our immune system uses to fight off unwanted pests. These antibodies are specially designed to attack COVID’s trademark spike protein. 


Patients receive treatment through IV injection in a hospital or clinic. The process itself takes about three hours total, and virus symptoms typically subside within seven–10 days. 

Those two sentences right there should tell you all you need to know. Like so many forms of medicine in America, the problem isn’t necessarily availability. It’s access. 

If the medicine itself costs an arm and a leg and there isn’t enough hospital staff to provide it, it doesn’t really matter if the treatment exists. It’s still out of reach. 

Vaccines can be made by the millions and distributed at any local pharmacy. A single monoclonal antibody session, on the other hand, can cost thousands of dollars per session. And more importantly, it requires the precious time of someone with advanced medical training. 

Even if the average person could afford it, there’s no way our medical system could support enough sessions for everyone. 

And that’s saying nothing of less developed countries. This therapy is totally off the table for a huge majority of the world. 

Now that the treatment exists, the next step is obvious: Make it cheaper. 

This New Medicine Can Solve the Access Shortage

Even with vaccines, we are still seeing thousands of new COVID cases each day. That means the global medical system needs to emphasize treatment just as much as vaccination. 

The news is starting to report on long-term damage caused by the virus. Since so many patients are forced to simply wait it out, COVID can wreak havoc on your body. 


That’s why researchers are starting to prioritize reducing viral load as quickly as possible. Less virus in your system essentially means less damage, leading to milder symptoms. 

Well, that’s easier said than done. In a perfect world, everyone could pop down to the monoclonal antibody clinic and go about their day. But sadly, we are far from a perfect world. 

The next best solution is to create a portable version. That’s easy enough for a vaccine, but replacing a lengthy IV session is a much more difficult task. 

For vaccines, a nasal spray has been successful in the past. It’s especially popular among the needle-phobic folks out there, but it also means that almost anyone can give themselves a dose. 

That ease of access isn’t just a convenience. It can save lives, especially in the heavily vaccinated areas that are still seeing COVID hot spots emerge. 

Right now, increasing accessibility to antibody treatments is the most important goal in the entire medical industry. And for once, the massive soul-sucking pharmaceutical companies aren’t in the lead. 

Angel Publishing’s top tech analyst, my fellow editor Keith Kohl, recently identified a small company currently developing an extraordinary compound called “Alpha-2b.” It’s a revolutionary treatment that works in a similar way to monoclonal infusions.

Based on the total lack of news headlines, this company is still in stealth mode. Share prices are obscenely undervalued compared with the company’s potential. 

Check out the full research presentation here, no registration required.

To your wealth,

Luke Sweeney
Contributor, Energy and Capital

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