We Were 240 Seconds From Total Disaster

Keith Kohl

Written By Keith Kohl

Posted June 16, 2021

Sometimes we shrug things off without a second thought. 

Let’s look at a perfect example from earlier this year, shall we?

It’s safe to say that we all remember a little bit about the deep freeze that took place in Texas last February. 

At the very least, you’ve read headlines about it. After all, the bitterly cold temperatures that gripped Texas brought its electric grid to its knees.

But throughout that crisis, did you realize how close things came from total disaster?

Well, I’ll tell you… 240 seconds!

Just a week after the crisis, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, Inc. (ERCOT), which manages roughly 90% of the electric power in the Lone Star State, said that the state was mere minutes away from a total grid collapse. 

We’re talking about a complete blackout of the entire grid system. 

Now, we’ll see whether or not ERCOT actually does something to prevent a similar situation from taking place again by winterizing Texas’ power infrastructure. 

Don’t hold your breath on that one. 

However, this disaster brought one critical topic into the public eye — improving our infrastructure. 

Ahh… that, dear reader, is something that we can count on staying in the limelight.

In fact, Biden’s massive 10-year, $2 trillion infrastructure bill is working its way through the legislature as you read this. Inside is anything and everything under the sun, from boosting our EV network of charging stations to repairing highways and bridges as well as upgrading our ports, airports, and transit systems.

Biden’s infrastructure bill also includes a plan to improve our power grid.

Right now, the infrastructure bill set aside roughly $100 billion for rebuilding our electric grid. 

But there’s one small caveat here, a little addendum that truly shows the extent of President Biden’s energy ambitions for the U.S.

You see, along with modernizing our power grid, he’s established a goal of producing 100% carbon-free electricity by 2035.

For that to happen, there’s really only one place he can turn.

I know your first thought might be a sudden, enormous investment in renewable sources like wind and solar would do the trick.

Thing is… that’s only part of the solution. 

Trust me, it’ll take a lot more than wind and solar to successfully decarbonize our power sector.

Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that roughly half of our renewable electrical generation comes from hydropower or that it accounts for 7% of the total electric generation in the United States today.

And even this power source doesn’t come with some incredible drawbacks.

Right now, there’s a massive drought taking place where much of our hydro is being generated. Over half of our domestic hydropower is on the West Coast.

The problem is that lower water levels are taking a heavy toll right now on states like California. While the summer heatwaves bear down on California, electricity from hydropower has declined by about 11%. 

In fact, California’s hydro generation is 40% lower than a year ago. As this situation exacerbates, California won’t be looking to solar and wind to save the day — it’ll be natural gas.

My point is if we have any hope of achieving President Biden’s goals, we’ll have to have an incredibly reliable source of clean energy to offset both coal and natural gas. 

The good part is that there’s a vast supply of carbon-free power right at our fingertips.

Averting the Next Power Crisis

Perhaps the most overlooked source of power today is nuclear energy.

From World War II to Chernobyl, Three Mile Island, or even Fukushima, the first thing to come to most peoples’ minds is the image of a mushroom cloud. 

I don’t blame you for the horrific images that come to mind when I say the words “nuclear power.”

But tomorrow’s nuclear power is a far cry from the stigma that haunts that industry today. 

And one key piece of nuclear technology will be propelled into the spotlight over the next few years. 

However, the most unusual part of this story isn’t that investors will be looking to find a way to profit from these next-generation power plants. 

No, you’ll find that there’s a much more lucrative opportunity out there, and it’s one that the investment herd won’t catch on to until it’s too late.

You see, my readers and I don’t need to worry about finding which company is building those power plants. 

We’ll be too busy taking advantage of the little-known player fueling that technology.

Tomorrow, I’ll show you all the details for yourself. I strongly recommend you take just a few minutes out of your day and check it out firsthand.

Stay tuned.

Until next time,

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