The U.S. Senate’s “Miracle Metal”

Keith Kohl

Written By Keith Kohl

Updated April 19, 2020

There’s a crisis in the metals market that’s been developing for the past several years that is so unnerving, it recently caught the attention of many of billionaires, big tech corporations like Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, and members of the highest levels of the U.S. government.

To be honest, much of it went unnoticed by the mainstream media and investing public. And I’m not surprised. They’re always late.

But because we keep our thumb on the tiniest blips and disturbances in these markets, not only did we immediately take notice, but we were also the first to pounce on this developing opportunity.

And if this opportunity pans out like past mineral shortage plays like lithium, copper, platinum, and rhodium, to name but a few examples, you stand to make triple-digit gains in the coming months.

And that’s because this metal is used in everything from the smartphone, laptop, or iPad you might be reading this on to the electric or hybrid car you’re driving.

But its everyday use is so much more.

Let me explain…

A year ago, Semiconductor Engineering said, “Rapid growth of electric vehicles is creating an enormous demand for this metal, causing tight supply, high prices and supply chain issues for this critical material.”

Forbes recently sounded the alarm: “The world’s supply is in jeopardy.”

Bloomberg wrote, “Electric car production could stall.”

The Wall Street Journal reported, “[Without it] Tesla could die.” said, “Electric car dreams may be dashed by 2050 on lack of it.”

And because this metal is also so important to the U.S. defense and medical industries (it’s used in missiles and life-saving cancer treatments), the U.S. Senate introduced a bill this year to secure a long-lasting, consistent domestic supply of it.

Called the American Mineral Security Act, it intends to allow private corporations to explore for and produce this vital mineral from domestic resources in the United States.

In fact, the U.S. has a major supply of it ready to be mined from the state of Idaho.

Idaho has one of the largest reserves of it in the world. And it’s ready for business.

I’m calling this mineral the “miracle metal” because of its applications in everyday use. You literally touch it every single day but probably have no idea you do.

I’m putting the finishing touches on a special report I’ve prepared exclusively on this special situation. In it, I’ll show you exactly how you touch this “miracle metal” throughout the day… how your life depends on it… and how you can profit from the crisis that’s been developing silently over the last few years.

I’ll also show you how the world’s biggest corporations and most powerful nations are scrambling to secure a safe, consistent, and long-lasting supply of this critical metal. Without this metal, many of the world’s most powerful corporations would become rudderless, with no way to direct their ships.

It’s that vital.

I’ll be making my report available to Energy and Capital subscribers next week. It could be the most profitable thing you do before the end of 2019. Keep an eye on your inbox.

Until next time,

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