Relax, Smoke a Joint, and Get Rich on Pot Stocks

Jeff Siegel

Written By Jeff Siegel

Posted August 29, 2019

I smoked a joint this morning before I even had breakfast.

This is not normal for me.

In fact, I rarely partake of the plant until well after the market has closed.

But I had a horrible night’s sleep last night, and I’ve been very stressed out lately.

So this morning, I drank a tall glass of water, made a cup of coffee, sat on my porch, smoked a joint, and listened to the waves of the lake crash up against the rocks.

Although I typically go right from my bed to my office in the morning, I decided to take about 20 minutes for myself.

I suppose we all need to do this sometimes.

Especially these days, with the market becoming a sort of schizophrenic dance of manipulators, algorithms, and fear.

What the fu*k is going on?!!

For the past few weeks, I’ve been getting a lot of emails from folks who seem to have the same question…

What the fu*k is going on?

Why is the market tanking?

Why are pot stocks selling off today?

Why aren’t oil prices soaring on tensions in the Middle East?




The one thing I hate about my job is that I’m expected to know these answers, without hesitation.

After all, if you read the daily financial news feeds, it seems every big-shot analyst knows the answer to any of these questions. But the truth is, they really don’t.

At best, most are just making educated guesses.

And that’s really all they can do, to be honest.

It’s all anyone can do.

Still, when confusion overtakes confidence, investors get nervous and look for answers — sometimes in the worst places.

What you know, what you don’t

I once had a therapist who told me that I shouldn’t fear what I don’t know and instead embrace what I do.

And here’s what I do know…

Investors are faced with a very real challenge in the coming months and years.

While I’m not suggesting that the market is going to implode the way it did in 2007/2008, the world is not healthy.

Trade wars, environmental catastrophes, unsustainable debt loads, psychopathic gangsters running entire nations… These all present very real threats to our wealth, and in some cases, our very existence.

Trying to figure out what to do, how to act or react, is all very difficult. Especially when you’re bombarded with nothing but negative news all day.

I realized this morning, while I was on the porch smoking that joint and drinking my coffee, that I was taking myself out of the mixing bowl of craziness just long enough to get re-centered — to get to a place where I was more likely to make rational decisions with a clear head.

I recommend this for everyone.

Pull yourself away from the craziness for a few minutes.

Get your head straight.

Don’t continue to stress over things you cannot control, but instead focus on how you can continue to build and protect your wealth in a way that aligns with your own personal goals, beliefs, and values.

I maintain that the cannabis industry remains one of the bright spots over the long term. This industry hasn’t even scratched the surface yet, so with this recent correction, I’ve been cherry-picking some very cheap pot stocks.

I’ve also been sniffing around some leveraged ETFs, too, looking to take advantage of continued sell-offs in oil and really the whole broader market.

A little gold is always good in times like these, as well as enough cash in the bank to make some big moves when the time is right.

Look, nothing is 100%.

You have your good days, you have your bad days. But if you make smart, rational decisions along the way, you’ll always come out ahead.

So give yourself a break.

Go outside, get some fresh air. Smoke a joint if you have to.

But don’t make yourself crazy trying to get rich.

It’ll happen as long as you stay focused, stay present, and stay calm.

Certainly guys like Warren Buffett and Elon Musk don’t sweat these big market swings. You shouldn’t either.

To a new way of life and a new generation of wealth…

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