LDK Solar (NYSE: LDK) on the Rebound

Written By Jason Stutman

Posted August 29, 2013

LDK Solar Increases Guidance

LDK Solar Co. (NYSE:LDK) has increased its third quarter revenue outlook and narrowed its expected losses in response to an improving solar market. This is well needed news for the struggling solar company, which is currently holding its lowest amount of cash for close to 4 years. The company expects $180 million in the third quarter of 2013.

LDK is the second largest provider of solar-wafers, trailing only behind GCL-Poly Energy Holdings(HKSE:3800).

Wafers have previously experienced diminished value in the face of weak demand and a glut of solar components. However, the market is experiencing rebound, with panel sales growing 7.7 percent, and wafers gaining 7 percent this year.

A New Business Model for U.S. Solar?

While most of us probably enjoy the luxury of 24 hour access to electricity, an astonishing 1.2 billion people in emerging economies have no power at all. Because many of these communities do not have the infrastructure that we enjoy in our respective developed nations, solar is often the energy source of choice. In these markets, a unique pay-as-you-go sales model is thriving, allowing customers to gradually purchase solar systems. To learn more about this sales model, and growth potential in the U.S., click here. 

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