The Next Generation of Electric Cars Has Arrived

Jeff Siegel

Written By Jeff Siegel

Updated May 15, 2024

Check this out…


This is the latest concept electric vehicle from Nissan (OTCBB: NSANY), and it’s super sweet!

It even comes complete with butterfly doors and an interior living space.


While I applaud Nissan for coming up with such an impressive design, I have to call bullshit on it being just a concept car.

Enough with the concepts already!

Yes, this car looks amazing, but what does Nissan have in the marketplace now?

The Nissan LEAF — one of the first mass-produced electric cars on the market but also one of the least impressive in terms of range, comfort, and value.

It seems like the company’s just been dicking around for the past 10 years while Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) and every other major carmaker is pumping out some really impressive electric offerings.

From Ford’s electric F-150 to the Tesla Model Y (which is now the bestselling car in the world, beating out every conventional internal combustion vehicle on the road), the competition for EV dominance has become so intense that Nissan’s going to have to do more than come up with flashy concepts. 

And make no mistake: This competition isn't going to cool down anytime soon.

In fact, next year, a small startup called Aptera will be delivering its first vehicle to reservation holders (a total of more than 44,000 thus far). This vehicle not only looks sleek and futuristic, but it can deliver 1,000 miles on a single charge.

Yes, you read that correctly — 1,000 miles.

This means you could theoretically drive from D.C. to LA and only have to stop twice to refuel. 

You can’t even do that in a traditional internal combustion vehicle. 

Sure, it may not have an interior living space like Nissan’s latest concept car, but this one actually exists as something you can buy right now.

And here’s the really cool thing about the Aptera…

You don’t even have to plug it in to “fuel” it.

Integrated into the car’s body are next-generation solar panels that can actually power the car while you drive it. 

It’s the first car to make this a reality, and this is mostly due to the company that makes the solar panels.

You see, these aren’t your ordinary solar panels you put on the roof of your home. 

You could never put those kinds of panels on a car. They’re just not strong enough or efficient enough to power an actual car.

The panels on the Aptera, however, are completely different from traditional solar panels.

These are actually designed to be used as a power source for cars, and it’s the reason the company that manufactures these panels is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after solar stocks in the market. 

Truth is, while Aptera’s solar-powered car will be the first of its kind, all the major carmakers, from Tesla to GM to Hyundai, are looking to integrate these kinds of solar panels into their next-generation electric cars too.

But there’s only one company that has solar technology capable of powering a 2-ton vehicle — and that company is one of my most recent stock picks for 2024.

While we know the future of personal transportation is electric, we’ve only scratched the surface in terms of what these electric vehicles will be able to do.

In 10 years, most electric cars will come with a 500-mile range as standard, they’ll be the safest cars on the market (Tesla vehicles already are), and they’ll all have the ability to be powered by the sun. 

But that’s only because one solar company cracked the code on developing a solar panel strong enough and durable enough to move a car.

I know this may seem hard to wrap your head around, but so was the mere idea of electric cars being anything more than toys for tree huggers and wealthy eccentrics and that was just about a decade ago.

Imagine where we’ll be in another decade.

Make no mistake: This is a game-changer of epic proportions, and you better believe we’re getting some of this action for ourselves. That's why I put together this short investment report on this company, the next-generation solar technology it’s developed, and, of course, how you can buy shares of it right now.

To a new way of life and a new generation of wealth…

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