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Jeff Siegel

Written By Jeff Siegel

Updated May 15, 2024

If you’re a regular reader of these pages, you know I personally made a fortune from Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA). 

In fact, I could easily argue that Elon Musk not only made me rich but he also continues to make me rich because, quite frankly, I base a lot of my investment decisions on his actions.

In fact, one of the stocks I’m most bullish on right now is based partly on something Musk recently told reporters. He said:

I’d like to once again urge entrepreneurs to enter the lithium refining business. The mining is relatively easy; the refining is much harder… There [are] software margins in lithium processing right now… You can’t lose; it’s a license to print money.

He also called lithium the “new oil.”

And he’s right.

Lithium is the new oil.

We already know that by 2030, more than half of all new car sales in the U.S. will be electric, and by 2040, 75% of all global car sales will be electric.

And it’s not going to be oil powering these things.

It’ll be lithium. And what makes this particularly exciting for us is that there just isn’t enough lithium to meet the coming demand for electric vehicles.

You may already know this, but it’s worth repeating because the latest data published by Bloomberg shows the global lithium-ion battery market is now projected to grow from $50.57 billion in 2022 to $187.89 billion by 2030. This represents a compound annual growth rate of 17.8%. 

And, of course, with this growth will come increased pressure on lithium demand — particularly in the U.S. where the government has mandated that 40% of critical minerals found in EV batteries will have to be domestically sourced or come from countries with which the U.S. has free trade agreements. And in less than three years, that percentage is expected to rise to 80%.

In other words, not only is increased lithium demand virtually guaranteed for the next eight–10 years but so is domestically produced lithium, and that, my friend, is the golden ticket. So you better believe we’re going to wet our beaks on this one.

Now, there are any number of ways to play this, but in the case of domestic lithium production, the bigger the project, the bigger the profits.

That’s why I’m laser-focused on one company that’s sitting on a lithium deposit so massive it could satisfy the needs of all electric car makers in America for 100 years.

No, that’s not a misprint. 

One hundred years.

And the value of that 100-year supply?

$447.5 billion!

Some have called the region that holds this deposit "the Saudi Arabia of Lithium"…

But I’m just calling it my next big score.

Not only is this one of the largest lithium deposits in the world but it’s also based in California, which means every major automaker selling electric cars in the U.S. will be virtually forced to get its lithium from this project as it’s the only one big enough in the country to provide consistent lithium production. 

The bottom line is this is just easy money, and I want you to get some of it, which is why I put together this short report that shows you how you can get some of this action for yourself starting today.

To a new way of life and a new generation of wealth…

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