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Invest Ahead of Elon Musk

Keith Kohl

Written By Keith Kohl

Posted October 2, 2015

You may have read a story or two about Elon Musk…

Take, for instance, his father’s story published in Forbes a few months back: At age 11, a young Elon convinced his father into booking him a seat at a conference for computers. Even though the technology was new, you probably would’ve expected to see an all-adult crowd, with more than a few pencil protectors in attendance.

Yet sure enough, by the end of the three-hour lecture, his father found him talking shop with a professor from England who insisted that the pre-teen Musk get his hands on a computer of his own.

That, dear reader, was the beginning of everything.

It led to Elon teaching himself how to code and program, and the rest… isn’t even history yet because he’s still going!

And it’s that kind of self-sufficient forward thinking that has captivated the public, and one of the major reasons the man is single-handedly driving the lithium revolution as we speak.

The Musk Revolution

Make no mistake about it — Elon Musk has cracked the code to investing in his own fortune, and here’s how he’s done it so far…

Musk’s first venture was called Zip2. It was a web software company that offered a “city guide” for newspaper publishers such as the New York Times and the Chicago Tribune.

As you may know, the company was bought out by Compaq, and Musk received a cool $22 million from the transaction.

He didn’t wait long to act, because approximately $10 million from that sale went into Musk’s next project called, which merged with another company to become none other than PayPal.

Again, the company was bought out, this time by eBay, landing Musk an incredible $165 million.

Then more than half of that fortune — about $100 million — was used to fund SpaceX, Musk’s rocket company. It quickly became the world’s largest private rocket motor producer and is fueling Musk’s vision of colonizing Mars.

That, of course, brings us to Tesla Motors.

Now, Musk didn’t actually start this one himself, but he did run one of the first rounds of funding and took over as CEO after the 2008 financial crisis, leading Tesla to become the powerhouse it is today.

You’ve probably noticed the pattern that Elon used along the way: Musk makes money, Musk spends that money on something new and innovative, Musk makes more money.

It was a brilliant strategy to adopt.

The Business of Booms

We can’t all be master computer coders, online innovators, or literal rocket scientists, but there are a few ways smalltime individual investors like us can make our own major profits.

It’s just a matter of targeting the next booming business or sector.

Think about it: PayPal is a household name now, and SpaceX is part of the world’s expansion into the final frontier.

And one thing in particular has caught my eye: the coming boom for lithium-ion batteries.

Understand that lithium batteries have been around for a while now. They’re in every rechargeable device we use every day, and it’s becoming hard to find things that aren’t running at some level on lithium power.

Yet the electric vehicle lithium battery market alone is set to quadruple in the next decade — and Musk is once again at the wheel.

Of course, that’s also not to mention the fact that he’s causing the surge in utility-scale energy storage.

You might’ve noticed that both the Powerwall and Powerpack batteries were sold out almost as soon as they were announced due to the sudden influx of pre-orders, which will lead to more and more homes being fitted with solar panels… and energy storage technologies are making this a more viable option worldwide.

Even energy utilities are making the switch, installing huge systems of lithium batteries to offset grid power and integrate renewable sources.

And this is still only the tip of the iceberg… just wait until you see the real catalyst behind these surging markets.

All you have to do is invest ahead of Elon this time.

Investing Ahead of Musk

Granted, both you and I probably don’t have a spare $100 million lying around to invest like the Tesla magnate, but the best part of catching the lithium revolution in its early stages is the fact that it’s still growing at a breakneck pace!

More importantly, you don’t need a bankroll of millions to rake in the kind of huge profits that have been made so far.

Now, I’ve said time and time again that some of the best investments to be found are the tiny, ground-floor opportunities flying under Wall Street’s radar.

My readers and I capitalized on this exact same strategy over the last few years in the oil market, when nobody even knew where or what the Bakken was — a mistake that caused huge Wall Street firms to be late to the party in the U.S. shale boom.

Today, I see that exact same situation in the lithium sector.

Yet here’s the rub for small, individual investors like us: You have to know the right play to bet on.

And that is the reason I decided to publish my newest investment report, which lines up three sorely undervalued stocks for my readers that are poised to take full advantage of the lithium boom.

In fact, you can pick up one of them right now at a steep discount to its potential value.

You can expect to see this report hit your email inbox very soon… so stay tuned.

Until next time,

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