Corvus (TSX: KOR) Strikes Gold and Silver in Nevada

Brian Hicks

Written By Brian Hicks

Posted March 3, 2014

Bullfrog Gold District Nevada

At the end of January, Canadian gold mining company Corvus Gold Inc (TSX: KOR) announced it was beginning exploratory drilling in a project called Bullfrog in western Nevada. Today, the company announced its drilling in the project intersected a newly-identified quartz vein that is enriched with gold and silver sulphide.

The section of the vein yielded 17.9 grams of gold per ton, and 260 grams of silver per ton and Corvus’ CEO Jeff Pontius says it is potentially a good expansion point for the Yellowjacket mine. This was the original reason for Corvus’ exploration in the area.

“With good initial cyanide recoveries from preliminary metallurgical work and an aggressive program to further optimize recovery and mining plans, we are excited about the impact that an expanded high-grade resource would have on our project,” Pontius said in a statement on Monday.

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