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Why I'm Buying CRISPR Stocks

The Last 4 Stocks You'll Ever Need to Buy

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted April 2, 2018

It’s the greatest drug in the world.

Nothing makes me feel as good as this stuff.

And I pay top dollar to get my fix, too.

I even go directly to the source — through a dealer, of course.

And my dealer is connected all across the globe.

He meets with producers in Colombia and Mexico.

He helps small Ethiopian operations get off the ground, and does it in plain view of law enforcement.

Hell, even the local government’s getting a piece of this action.

And who can blame them?

Whether it’s being grown in Ethiopia, Colombia, Mexico, or Guatemala, the market for quality product is robust.

Especially in the U.S., where more than $5.23 billion worth was imported in 2017 alone.

Make no mistake, dealers like mine are cleaning up.

And there’s no chance of this trend petering out — ever!

Just One Fix

Those who don’t understand addiction oftentimes think health warnings can keep addicts from using.

It’s absurd.

Have you ever seen a heroin junkie?

Those guys live for one thing and one thing only: their next fix.

Concerns over infectious diseases or even overdoses never enter their minds.

So when the news broke last week that a California judge ruled that one of our favorite, most-used drugs in the United States should carry a cancer warning, I laughed.

Of course, the drug this California judge was referring to isn’t as bad as heroin.

But according to the Council for Education and Research on Toxics, it could cause cancer.

The drug I’m talking about is coffee. And apparently, during the coffee roasting process, a chemical byproduct called acrylamide is created.

Acrylamide is a known carcinogen, although levels of this carcinogen are found in such trace amounts that they are harmless. But that wasn’t enough to stop this judge from making his ruling.

Life is Too Short

Truth is, I call BS on this ruling.

If these guys are going to slap a cancer warning on a cup of Starbucks, then they’re going to have to do the same thing for practically everything ever sold at a McDonald’s, KFC, and Taco Bell.

There will also have to be a warning on water, air, and store-bought gardening soil.

While I’m the last person to criticize anyone for wanting to eat clean and healthy, the fact is, you can’t spend your life worrying about the thousands of things that could give you cancer.

Life’s too short for that.

Besides, thanks to some pretty incredible developments in the world of gene editing, cancer may actually soon be a thing of the past.

Buy These 4 Stocks

Every year, 600,000 Americans fall victim to cancer.

Treatment can cost up to $65,000 per month.

But thanks to a new gene editing technology known as CRISPR, scientists are now predicting that we could virtually wipe out cancer by finding, fixing, and replacing certain genes that predispose you to the disease.

This isn’t a blue-sky prediction, either.

Scientists in the U.S. have already used it in halting cancer growth.

New Scientist magazine reported that there are, as we speak, a dozen trials now planned in China targeting seven different forms of cancer, including breast, prostate, and bladder.

One of those is actually being funded by Sean Parker of Facebook.

It’s part of a $250 million investment he’s made to “solve cancer.” And with this technology, we’re actually well on our way.

And it’s not just cancer, either.

This technology can also be used to wipe out heart disease, Alzheimer's, and 6,000 other genetic diseases.

This is truly next-generation medicine, and as you can imagine, once I heard about this technology, I immediately began my search for the companies that are making all this happen.

And I discovered four you can buy right now.

These four companies are leading the way in what Bloomberg has recently called, “The Discovery of the Century.”

I’m calling it the greatest investment opportunity of a lifetime, because there’s literally trillions of dollars to be made here. That’s trillion, with a “T.”

And in my newly published white paper, “The End of Disease,” I explain why every investor should be loading up the boat with shares of these four companies.

Even if you’re not particularly interested in this technology as an investment, I strongly urge you to check it out, as it can give you some insight into how this technology works — and how it will ultimately save millions of people from some of the worst diseases known to man.

It’s amazing how far this technology has come over the past 20 years, and even more amazing to know we can actually invest in the companies that will be responsible for ending the suffering of so many people.

To a new way of life and a new generation of wealth...

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