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What Bill Gates is Buying

On the Left Side of the Bell Curve

Posted October 17, 2013

Robots are the future.

Yeah, I know you know robots are the future... like Brazil, they always have been.

But this time, it's serious — not just in terms of science fiction movies, but in terms of investors making money.

Check out MAKO Surgical Corp., a medical device company...

Among other things, MAKO has a robotic arm that performs surgery. It's called MAKOplasty, which is “powered by the RIO Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopedic System, a highly advanced robotic arm technology that assists your orthopedic surgeon in achieving consistently reproducible precision for the individual patient in knee and hip joint replacement.”

That's pretty cool, a micro-cap company that has a robotic solution for the incredibly painful joint surgery.

The stock was slowly gaining steam as it performed more surgeries and was making a name for itself... then BOOM! The shares doubled overnight when Stryker (NYSE: SYK) bought them out for $1.65 billion.

MAKO's stock almost tripled in six months.


That's the type of tech market we are in right now.

There is money to be made, and companies are paying a premium for robotic technology.

Let's face it; we've already had the big run in Internet stocks. Sure, Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) might double again in the next few years, but it's not going to triple in the next six months. In fact, with a P/E of 25 and an earnings growth of just 15%, while not extremely pricey, it isn't cheap, either.

Nor are we looking forward to the era of mobile computing. That is what is happening now. Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) won't be around in five years. At this point, I'd rather own AOL than Facebook.

Other hot technologies that are happening now are wearable computers, 3D printers, and biotech. But that's old hat.

As an investor, you want to know what is just over the horizon so you can get in early, before all the easy money is made.

The Gartner Group put out this great chart showing what it calls "The Hype Cycle of Emerging Technologies":


To make the most money as an investor, you want to buy companies on left side of the bell curve. The best time is midway between the “Innovation Trigger” and the “Peak of Inflated Expectations.”

In their example, the sectors to buy would be Mobile Robots, 3D Scanners, and Autonomous Vehicles.

Concepts like “SmartDust” are undeveloped.

And the companies that are peaking in hype, like Consumer 3D printing, have already produced massive returns for those who bought shares early.

The key to buying new technology is to buy after it becomes a real product and before it becomes mainstream...

Robots are hitting that investor sweet spot.

According to Business Insider:

In the U.S., robotics is a $1.35 billion industry; it's a $20 billion industry globally.

By 2015, personal robots are expected to be a $15 billion industry. Robotics is expected to become a $70 billion industry by 2025.

Right now, robots are seen most in big industries like automotive, aerospace, and pharmaceutical, and they come with a hefty price tag. But they're starting to become more mainstream. The National Robotics Initiative, for example, is spending $70 million to design "co-robots" that help and interact with people, like the elderly.

Bill Gates Likes Robots

Robots are a big-idea investment that must be paid attention to.

None other than Bill Gates has predicted that by 2025, robots will be as common as computers are today.

I would go even further.

Five years ago, we spent as much time on computers as people now spend on mobile devices. Five years from now, people will spend more time interacting with robots than they now do with their mobile devices.

When the smartphone became a thing, Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) went from $20 to $500 on the back of the iPhone. There are companies out there right now whose shares will do better.

Investors who get in on robotic tech companies today will reap huge financial rewards. Getting in on the next wave of robotics now will be like getting in on Intel, Apple, or Microsoft in the 1980s...

This is why I've decided to hire some of the smartest young guys in tech investing, do our due diligence, and find those companies — so you can profit.

I'll tell you more about this extraordinary opportunity next week.

But make no mistake; the time is now.

All the best,

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Since 1995, Christian DeHaemer has specialized in frontier market opportunities. He has traveled extensively and invested in places as varied as Cuba, Mongolia, and Kenya. Chris believes the best way to make money is to get there first with the most. Christian is the founder of Crisis & Opportunity and Managing Director of Wealth Daily. He is also a contributor for Energy & Capital. For more on Christian, see his editor's page.


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