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West Virginians Protest Obama's 'War On Coal'

Voters Support Convicted Felon Over Obama In Democratic Primary

Written by Brian Hicks
Posted May 10, 2012

Convicted felon, Keith Russell Judd, gives Obama a run for his money in West Virginia, winning more than 40 percent of the Democratic vote against Obama on Tuesday.

The state's senators and political experts alike contend that the Democratic primary's outcome is a direct result of West Virginians' frustration with the Obama administration’s stance on coal and energy.

Voting for a convicted felon over America's current president sends a powerful message to Obama about his alleged “war on coal mining”.

Obama's aggressive energy initiatives to decrease the use of environmentally toxic fossil fuels has sparked a massive uproar in states that depend heavily on fossil fuel industries, ie: West Virginia, where the president's new Environmental Protection Agency policies have stalled mining permits and ultimately threaten many of the state's most stable, highest-paying jobs.

In short, Obama's never been popular in the coal-powered, unapologetically racist state of West Virginia, and probably never will be. While gaining voters support is essentially a lost cause, ignoring the plight of fossil fuel-dependent states like West Virginia could prove to be more detrimental to the Obama campaign than just a source of public humiliation.

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