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The Best Investment From 2021 May Turn out to Be Your Lifeline in a Market Crash

Written by Keith Kohl
Posted January 26, 2022

The fear in today’s market is palpable, and blood is spilling freely.

You can taste it everywhere you go, like a crimson snowflake littering portfolios up and down Wall Street. 

Over the last three weeks alone, we’ve seen the tech-heavy Nasdaq shed 15%. For some people, their proclivity to panic has put them in full distress.

Others, however, know that a bloody market is one of the most profitable opportunities an investor will ever witness.

You just have to know where to look. 

There are always the usual suspects that will whisper in your ear... gold and crypto bugs who offer you shelter, promising a safe haven from the carnage. 

When you look at gold’s 2021 performance, it’s anything but inspiring. 

Last year, gold prices ended up losing you 4.3% on your investment. For the sake of crypto investors' health, we’ll refrain from talking about double tops and crashing prices and instead wish them the best of luck in not catching any falling knives. 

No, finding those hidden gems in 2022 won’t be easy after this bloodshed. 

But here’s a little secret…

Those investment gems are hiding in plain sight.

Look, you don’t need to be a Rothschild to know that the time to buy is when there’s blood in the streets. 

And even in the bloodiest of markets, there are some booms you can’t ignore. 

My colleague Luke Sweeney outright told you about one of the most overlooked booms taking place right under everyone’s nose. You see, there’s no better place to find profits in this bloody market than in a sector that’s about to experience a brutal shortage. 

Last week, I mentioned it again, and we both saw firsthand the kind of growth that’s about to take place in the EV race

We were both talking about lithium.

But just how tight will lithium supplies get? 

S&P Global Platts warned investors this week that a supply crunch for both lithium carbonate and hydroxide will continue well into 2022, and even with a slight reprieve expected to come during the latter half of the year, prices will remain elevated. 

So not only will lithium prices stay high due to exorbitant demand, but demand will keep tightening as we barrel through the year.

Take a look for yourself:

image supply/demand

Now, the surge in lithium prices clearly stems from a surge in battery demand

And make no mistake, dear reader — the projections aren't bullish enough. 

Last year, the demand for lithium carbonate equivalent was first expected to be around 497,000 tonnes — well, it turns out that demand was closer to 636,000 tonnes!

Initial projections pegged 2022 lithium demand to be around 504,000 tonnes, yet these estimates are quickly being revised and demand is now expected to climb to 641,000 tonnes.

Simply put, supply can’t keep pace.

Allow me to put a little more perspective on this — total lithium demand in 2021 was more than that of the previous three years combined!

So where does that leave us? Readers in my investment community saw this lithium boom lasting over the long term and are sitting on gains of over 350% on little-known lithium producers like Allkem, which was trading at all-time highs prior to the latest bout of panic selling. 

By now, these lithium producers have become household names on Wall Street. 

And it’s about time.

Imagine for a second how valuable it would be for U.S. companies to have access to a domestic source of battery-grade lithium... a source that isn’t chained to China’s government. 

Fortunately for us, one exists.

Give me a few minutes out of your day to show you a new source of lithium that bypasses not only China but the entire mining process. 

Check this out.

Until next time,

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