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How to Get Rich in Online Payment Processing

Written by Jeff Siegel
Posted September 17, 2020

I sent my niece a card with $20 in it for her birthday.

She called to thank me but then delicately requested that in the future I Venmo her any birthday money as it’s hard for her to buy anything with cash:

This way, it goes right into my account, and I don’t actually have to go out anywhere to buy something.

Now, to be honest, I’m pretty sure she only spends her money on apps and weed, and apparently her dealer accepts Venmo.

We sure have come a long way.

I remember when I used to ride my skateboard down to the parking lot of the American Legion, where I would meet my dealer and hand her a crumpled-up $10 bill for a dime bag of leftover shake.

But we didn’t have Venmo back then.

Hell, we didn’t even have a personal computer yet.  

Only the rich kids in my neighborhood had those. And the only thing you could really do on them was play Oregon Trail or create pictures of topless women with random keyboard characters and then print them out on dot matrix printers. 

Nowadays, however, you can access anything in the world on a cellphone, including social networking platforms, porn, and online payment services that allow you to send a drug dealer $300 in just a few seconds.

As a naturally irritable Gen Xer, this makes me a little bitter. I wish I'd had access to all this stuff in my teenage years. 

But as an investor, this stuff makes me incredibly happy. Because even though I no longer need to buy weed on the black market or pay for porn, I do need to make money. And when it comes to doing that, there are few places more mouthwatering than online payment processing.

Yeah, I know.

Sounds boring as hell.

But there’s nothing boring about getting a piece of a multitrillion-dollar market.

Wet Your Beak on a Trillion Dollars

Every online payment transaction involves more than just a single platform.

There are companies that provide all kinds of technologies, materials, and support to make these transactions safe, fast, and secure. 

And these are the companies that few investors know about because these companies don’t have any kind of openly visible platforms or financial media outlets drooling over them. After all, it’s hard to make some of this stuff sound sexy or even just palatable to the average reader.

Moreover, it’s hard to explain how a lot of these tech innovations work.

You pretty much have to be a finance nerd or excitable coder to get it. Certainly I don’t understand half of this stuff.

But here’s what I do understand…

Every single time a payment processing transaction happens, there are a couple of companies behind the scenes getting a little piece of that action.

Fractions of pennies, really. 

But those fractions build up when you consider that literally trillions of dollars are now processed online. 

And investors in those companies also get to wet their beaks on this action, too. 

The result? 

Well, let’s just say if you can get a cut of every online payment transaction made — throughout the world — you can put yourself in a position to never have to worry about money ever again.

Just ask my good friend and colleague Chris DeHaemer who has already delivered gains in excess of 2,000% for his readers who now know how to make money on trillions of dollars' worth of online payment processing transactions every year. 

But don’t take my word for it.

The proof is in the numbers, which you can see for yourself right here.

You know, it’s funny, but as I was writing this last night, I realized that every single time my niece pays for her weed online, investors in the companies that make this possible actually get a cut of that dealer’s action.

There’s something very appealing in that for me

Not just as an advocate of cannabis legalization but as an investor who just loves to make money in a manner the defies nonsensical laws and conventional investment strategies.


Because it’s how I’ve built my fortune over the past 30 years in this business. And it’s how Chris DeHaemer continues to make money for those with the courage to do the same.

Full disclosure: I’ve personally made a ton of cash by following Chris’ advice. And I would encourage you to do the same.

Click here now to get started.

To a new way of life and a new generation of wealth...

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