An Everlasting Bull Market in Energy

Keith Kohl

Written By Keith Kohl

Posted September 24, 2011

“Oil is not the future!”

At one point or another, every energy investor has faced this outburst.

It’s the first thing shouted by one side of the energy fence to the other… and to a certain extent, it’s true.

To this day, I haven’t met a single person who believes crude oil will last forever, the precise reason it is considered a finite source of energy.

The problem has never been completely running out of oil…

But those last barrels of oil will be so incredibly expensive to find and drill that we will have long transitioned (we can only hope) to another, cheaper source of energy.

The Everlasting Bull Market in Energy

This future, however, is much more distant than we might believe. And the latest International Outlook released by the EIA last Monday has reiterated that fact more than ever.

There’s no question about it: Energy is truly an everlasting bull market.

Next year, the world’s population is expected to exceed seven billion. Further down the road, you can just ask one of the ten billion humans that will be around in 2050.

Of course, our energy picture will not have changed much.

The fact is we’re staring down the barrel of a fossil-fuel-filled future, as you can see in the EIA’s latest outlook to 2035:

EIA 2035 energy picture

The EIA expects global demand for crude oil to climb to 112 million barrels per day.

For the sake of argument, we’ll assume that global production will be able to even reach that amount (we’ll tackle that issue next week). By then, we will be wishing that oil prices were under $200 per barrel.

There’s a rub in all of this. The oil we are producing today, let alone in 2035, isn’t the cheap stuff we’ve been accustomed to in the past…

Consider how far conventional production will have declined over the next twenty-three years.

Naturally, the EIA is fully aware of this, too. According to the report, production from unconventional sources grows dramatically, accounting for more than 12% of the world’s liquid supply by 2035.

In fact, every sector is dominated by the three major fossil fuels. And even though the numbers have changed slightly, the outlook hasn’t…

My colleague Nick Hodge hit the nail on the head yesterday with an article showing you why China’s hunger for energy will be insatiable.

They won’t be alone; you can count on that much. And it’s this upcoming battle to lock down future energy security that will all but guarantee an everlasting bull market in energy.

Tomorrow’s energy profits won’t come from the same companies that have been supplying the world’s energy in the past. Unfortunately, they’re being squeezed out by the National Oil Companies that control nearly all of the world’s oil reserves.

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