Wall Street Protest Opportunities

Jeff Siegel

Written By Jeff Siegel

Posted September 19, 2011

I first met my friend Mario about three years ago.

On a student visa from South Africa, Mario is studying biophysics at Johns Hopkins University. He’s set to graduate next spring and following graduation, he will have his choice of medical schools.

But Mario isn’t your average kid genius with a superior intellect. While he can recite the formula for translational motion in his sleep — and in one of eight languages he speaks fluently — Mario can also give you a proper beating…

You see, Mario is an amateur fighter with a record of 22 wins, 2 losses, and 11 knockouts. He hasn’t stepped into the ring for nearly two years, but next year — after graduation — Mario is putting his medical career on hold and moving to Russia where he’ll train with some of the world’s greatest boxing coaches.

For two years, he’ll live and breathe the sweet science. And I have no doubt he will excel.

He’s just one of those guys who always seems to come out on top; he works hard, takes nothing for granted, and doesn’t accept mediocrity in anything he does — three attributes that I would argue are extremely rare these days.

Eat the Rich

Over the weekend, hundreds of angry protesters gathered at Liberty Plaza in New York. It is there they set up their home base for a demonstration intended to “interrupt the flow of Wall Street.”

One protester who happened to have about $5,000 worth of Japanese koi tattooed on his arms said he was tired of working for peanuts while the wealthy continue to get wealthier, insisting that Wall Street redistributes what he called “stolen wealth.”

Now, I certainly won’t argue that there is a select group of folks that’s directly responsible for much of the economic burdens we bear today. (I could write volumes on the banks.) What we’ve seen unfold over the past few years has been despicable.

And I would have no problem pilfering the mansions of the scum who profited off the backs of honest, hard-working taxpayers, most of whom can be found spending their days on Capitol Hill…

That being said, you can’t blame a bunch of bureaucratic bums and Wall Street suits for everything.

Truth is, no one forced consumers to buy homes they knew they couldn’t afford, and there has never been a law that requires Americans to bury themselves in debt while saving nothing.

Look, the world ain’t perfect. And yes, there are snakes and cockroaches lingering around every corner. That’s life.

But here’s something you’ll never hear a self-made millionaire say…

It’s Not Fair!

You know what kind of people say things like that?

Poor people.

People looking for every excuse in the book to blame someone else for their problems.

This mentality especially reigns among investors during times of market uncertainty.

Read the message boards on Yahoo! Finance sometime. You’ll find two things: message board stalkers who spread misinformation in attempts to confuse those who don’t know any better, and thousands upon thousands of folks complaining about how much money they’ve lost — and who to blame.

I work in an office with a lot of very successful and wealthy individuals. And I can assure you, when the markets are choppy, they aren’t complaining… They’re hunting for the next big winner.

In fact while investors have been in full panic mode over the past few weeks, my colleague Andrew Mickey has been making a fortune on a little mining play that’s actually been outpacing Wall Street’s top gold investment.

Now, I’ll be honest with you: Andrew hasn’t made a lot of friends over the years. The guy’s pretty cocky, and I sometimes wonder if he ever thinks about anything other than money.

But the truth is he can back up his swagger with a conga line of triple-digit winners that always seem to multiply during the most uncertain economic times.

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To a new way of life, and a new generation of wealth…

Jeff Siegel
Editor, Energy and Capital

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