AI Predicts Major Shift For Global Battery Industry

Alex Koyfman

Written By Alex Koyfman

Updated May 15, 2024

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Artificial intelligence is still lagging behind organic intelligence… Well, in this case at least. 

Last month, reported that a new and very novel AI engine designed to forecast the emergence of disruptive technologies based on global patent data is predicting the mass adoption of graphene-based batteries to supplant the lithium standard. 

Called Focus, this platform states that its purpose is: to fast-track technological progress worldwide. By equipping innovators with the data-driven technological foresight they need, we help them make the right investment decisions, helping usher in the 6th industrial revolution.

By crunching a number of data points, including battery chemistry ‘improvement rate’ — a barometer of a technology’s evolutionary speed, Focus has determined that two Lithium alternatives are currently leading the pack, graphene and duel-ion batteries. 

improvement rate

Graphene batteries, however, may hold the critical edge in that its principal ingredient, graphene, is dropping in price rapidly enough to facilitate broad-spectrum commercialization. 

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Economy of Scale Is Everything

“If there is one battery technology to keep an eye on, it is graphene,” says Jard van Ingen, Focus’s CEO and co-founder.

Now, I hate to brag, but even without an AI brain backed by a team of millennial and gen-z geniuses, I’ve been pounding the table about graphene batteries for well over a year. 

These batteries aren’t news to any of my readers, but if they’re news to you, then you seriously need to get yourself caught up on why they’re so important. 

I’ll give you a hint… It all goes back to the single most important aspect of rechargeable battery performance, as far as the consumer goes: Charge speed. 

Like the other heirs-apparent to the Li-Ion throne, graphene batteries offer higher energy density and long operational life and safety improvements. But it’s the charge speed that completely changes the paradigm. 

How much faster do they charge?

I’ll put it this way: If your next car is an EV with a graphene battery pack, you’ll be able to charge your car from zero to capacity in less time than it takes you to fill your tank at the pump today. 

The Most Important Material Of The 21st Century?

Yes, it’s that much faster… And it’s just one improvement of a long list.

For EVs, for personal wireless tech and for everything in between, graphene could easily become the new standard. 

Now, with the Focus AI platform predicting this revolution to take hold within the next decade, the implication here is clear: Graphene battery tech is still in its infancy. 

Well, that’s true but only to an extent.

There is one battery maker that’s making next-gen 100% lithium-free graphene batteries today. 

It’s based in Brisbane, Australia, and I will bet that you’ve never heard of it as few outside of the industry ever have.

This Could Be A Future Household Name

Why? Because it’s small, quiet and very focused… But what makes it a topic to overlook in the mainstream financial media, is exactly what makes it ideal if you’re an investor looking for undiscovered treasure on the public markets.

This company hits every major point on my checklist: It’s on the cutting edge of a rapidly growing sector; it’s underbought; it’s already well on the way to fulfilling its mission — all despite commanding a market capitalization of less than 1% compared to some of its major competitors in the lithium-ion battery production field.

They’re still testing and refining, but their plant is already turning out early commercial production runs of coin and pouch format batteries. That means full-scale commercialization is right around the corner. 

Not only that, but their graphene is 100% internally sourced, and none of the raw materials they use present geopolitical supply chain problems, like other electronic products that use Chinese-sourced lithium or rare earth elements. 

Want to learn more about this tech before it starts to slowly dissolve away lithium-ion’s vice grip on the battery market?

Check out my information video, right here, right now

Fortune favors the bold,

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