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103 Million Reasons to Buy Oil Right Now… but You’ll Only Need One

Keith Kohl

Written By Keith Kohl

Posted August 18, 2023

Ten years ago, the House of Saud was in dire straits. 

Every night, young Saudi princes would be wracked by nightmares of losing power and control over the world’s oil supply. Their parents would be equally perturbed, knowing there was no way to comfort them. 

Take a moment, close your eyes, and put yourself in their shoes. 

For decades, OPEC has been in total control of global oil markets. 

It could manipulate and bend oil prices to its will, openly cheat on production quotas, and gleefully laugh as the world consumed more and more of its crude. 

And with each passing year, we bought more and more of its crude. By 2007, nearly 6 million barrels of OPEC oil was being exported to the United States on a daily basis. 

Never before had we been so shackled to the House of Saud for energy. 

That joyful control of the world’s energy security came to a crashing halt in 2008 when the unexpected happened. 

Go ahead and look at one of the few things on Earth that can strike fear in the heart of the House of Saud:

u.s. oil production

Over the next five years, those Saudi princes grimaced in pain as U.S. oil production surged by 75%. 

So in 2014, they fought back the only way they could — by driving down oil prices in a desperate attempt to stifle the shale boom. 

By February 2016, WTI prices had plummeted below $30 per barrel.

It was a bloody massacre in our oil fields. 

You could even argue that it worked at first, because 2016 was the first year since 2007 that U.S. domestic oil production declined year over year. 

Much to the Saudis' chagrin, U.S. oil output recovered over the next two years and started marching even higher. 

Little did they know all they had to do was bide their time and wait. 

And that’s precisely what they did…

103 Million Reasons to Buy Oil Right Now

Right now, there are 103 million reasons to buy oil — one for every barrel of crude the world consumed on a daily basis in June. 

But the U.S. oil patch today is a far different landscape than it was in the early days of our tight oil boom; the years of wild growth are behind us. 

As it turns out, we were our own worst enemy. 

Last year’s draining of the SPR to keep a lid on oil prices is going to be a legacy that will haunt future administrations. Call the strategy a success for fending off incredibly high oil prices if you will, but the advantage is back in OPEC’s court. 

Sans legitimate growth in oil production, the SPR was the last tool left in our utility belt to fend off future price spikes. 

The Saudis (and Russia, for that matter) can now smell blood in the water.  

And the House of Saud knows better than anyone that revenge is a dish best served cold. 

This situation also makes those hidden investment gems in the U.S. oil patch even more valuable than they already were, and I wouldn’t sit on this opportunity too long, either.


Because by the time you wake up tomorrow, we’ll be well into our next 103 million barrels. 

Until next time,

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