Will the EPA Control the Future of U.S. Drilling?

Keith Kohl

Written By Keith Kohl

Posted March 20, 2010

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To drill or to not drill?

Believe me, over the next few years it won’t even be a question.

This week, we waited with bated breath as crude oil prices topped out at $83.09 per barrel on Wednesday. Were we finally going to watch it break out of this 9-month trading range?

Okay, you probably knew the answer to this one…

Prices dropped more than 3% between Wednesday and Friday.

So, the run to $90 per barrel is put off for another day. Meanwhile, the fate of U.S. drilling may be changing hands in the next few years.

The Environmental Protection Agency is out in full force. This time, it’s not the dirty oil sands of Alberta that’s the focus of their attack. The EPA’s latest crusade is over the hydraulic fracturing process used in oil and natural gas production.

A new study is underway by the EPA to evaluate the risk to groundwater supplies. At the forefront of the debate over drilling in the Marcellus Shale formation.

Sounds reasonable, doesn’t it?

Who can say no to protecting our health and a potential threat to water quality?

It’s not as simple as that, but I’ll let you decide which side of the fence you’re on.

One thing I do know is that letting the EPA control the future of hydraulic fracturing in the U.S. would be devastating. Although hydraulic fracturing techniques have been used for decades in the oil and gas industry, the latest attention is due to the rise in shale activity over the last few years.

Unfortunately, those shale plays happen to be one of the few things left that has keeps me optimistic about U.S. production. The U.S. shale basins aren’t just crucial to natural gas. Feel free to ask the state of North Dakota where it would be today without the developments made in the Bakken formation.

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Keith Kohl

Energy and Capital

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