Why Your Next Battery Will Still Be Lithium

Alex Koyfman

Written By Alex Koyfman

Updated May 15, 2024

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Dig through the headlines about next-generation rechargeable batteries, and you’ll find an interesting pattern emerge. The most popular alternative to today’s industry standard rechargeable lithium batteries… is lithium batteries. 

Just in the last week alone, two articles hit the tech news wires regarding next-generation batteries being developed independently at Cornell and MIT. 

The MIT offering promises charge times down to as little as 6 minutes, and cell life expectancies of up to 2000 cycles — that’s 5 to 10 times what today’s standard offers.

A licensee that was just announced late last month was none other than Italian supercar icon, Lamborghini.

At Cornell, the charge time may go down even further to just 5 minutes, while also offering a drastic improvement in charge/discharge life expectancy. 

These batteries, as well as other concepts that have been making waves through the industry lately are testing out new anode materials, new solid state electrolytes, AI-powered monitoring and a slew of other departures from the classic lithium-ion architecture. But most of them retain one feature — the lithium cathode. 

The New Lithium… Is Still Lithium

The reason is as basic as the periodic table itself. Lithium’s extremely low density (it’s the lightest metal there is) and its electrochemical properties make it ideal for today’s high energy-density demanding rechargeable batteries. 


And just to dispel the biggest myth of all — lithium is not what makes lithium-ion batteries catch fire. 

That goes back to the liquid electrolyte, which will probably become a thing of the past in the next few years as solid state technology become mainstream. 

Still, when it’s all said and done, lithium will likely remain the single most expensive item on the list of materials required to fabricate the rechargeable batteries you buy for at least the next decade. 

So yes, lithium is here to say. Despite collapsing prices on the resource market, lithium demand is as high as ever and projected to continue to grow as we get further and further down the road to decarbonization. 

“Buy When There’s Blood In The Streets” — Nathan Mayer Rothschild

But here’s why this is now more than ever before the time to buy. 

You see, the lithium bubble just got done popping. 

Lithium prices are down as much as 80% from late 2022, when the EV rush and all the hoopla that came with it pushed FOMA-motivated speculators into a market they just didn’t understand. 

lithium shortage

In many ways, lithium was the bitcoin of the early 2020s. 

There was a boom, there was a bust, after which came a second and much bigger run that continues to this day.

For lithium, that bust has just taken place. As demand continues to rise, lithium prices have found a bottom and are now returning to the land of rationality. 

Soon enough, the highs of 2022 will be revisited and then surpassed as organic gains push the commodity to where it belongs. 

That makes right now the best time, literally in history, to get into the lithium market

You Know When To Do It…

So you’ve got one of the two key elements to making a life-changing investment — timing. The second and final ingredient is the investment vehicle itself. 

Well, in this case, the time is right in more ways than one. 

Because just last summer, the biggest lithium discovery ever made was on the Nevada/Oregon border. 

It’s so huge that it could upset the entire industry unseating the Chinese as the undisputed lithium world champions in the process. 

The stock behind the property owner is still quiet at the moment, but investors are starting to awaken to the opportunity that the lithium collapse has handed them. 

The reality here is simple.

This could be the biggest imbalance between price and value for the first quarter of the 21st century. 

When I saw the numbers, I knew my readers needed to know more about it, so I put together this presentation for them

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Fortune favors the bold,

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