Why $100 Oil Could Soon Return

Keith Kohl

Written By Keith Kohl

Posted April 17, 2010

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Whether or not we’re recovering doesn’t matter…

Right now, the idea that we’re recovering continues to fuel higher oil prices.

And we’re all left to wonder if the days of triple-digit oil, damning the petrol gods that be, and flipping off gas station attendants may be returning… amid this recovery.

And They Just Might — Near-term, at Least

Now I’m not talking about the return of $147 oil — not yet anyway. Near-term, we’re only talking about the possibility of a return to $100 (even $110 oil by late May/early June) that will send gas station prices well above $3. It certainly won’t be something to cheer about, but it would only be temporary this year, coinciding with peak summer demand.

Even two big banks are joining that $100-prediction crowd, telling clients to brace for it.

Barclays, for one, expects crude to "flirt with $100 this year," anticipating an average price of about $140 by 2015. I’m sure consumers will love filling up their tanks at prices like those…

Analysts at Bank of America see oil nailing $105 this year. They believe that $150 isn’t far behind — a possible reality by 2014 — thanks in part to increased demand from China and India. China recently overtook the U.S. car market and India has billions of people waiting to buy cars.

Others anticipate that a global economic recovery and tightening refinery supplies will push up prices ahead of U.S. summer driving season. Saudi Aramco, for one, already upped its selling prices for all crude grades for U.S. customers in April.

And then we have a U.S. refinery industry that’s running at 80% capacity recently "in an attempt to drain global supplies and push the price of refined product higher," according to a CNBC report. "As a result, we’re very vulnerable to outages, or like we’re seeing right now with the strike in France, that’s going to spark [this rally]."

So long as there’s recovery speculation, any damp demand will recover — resulting in higher prices and higher demand. And let’s not overlook the potential for conflict around the globe that could flare up at any time, disrupting oil supply. 

So how do you profit from the rise?

Very easily. My colleague, Ian Cooper is now 59 for 61 picks since February 2009. This is your chance to join their success.

Enjoy your weekend,

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Keith Kohl

Energy and Capital

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