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Thorium Investing and the Future of Nuclear Energy

Everything You Need to Know About the Future of Nuclear Energy...

Let's talk about thorium investing and the future of nuclear energy (everything you need to know). Thorium is currently used in things such as light bulbs and camera lenses. It can create a high-quality refractive glass, and its high melting point can allow ceramics to resist high temperatures. But light bulbs and ceramics aren’t what have the energy industry watching closely... Heat resistance is.

Thorium’s ultra-high melting point can be useful in more than just ceramics. Heat resistance is something scientists and energy specialists alike have been trying desperately to achieve with nuclear energy.

One of the biggest issues with nuclear plants is the meltdowns that can occur if the uranium is not cooled properly. We saw that tragically exhibited in Japan in 2011, when an earthquake and tsunami caused a series of meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi plant. The fact that the only other disaster of that caliber was the 1986 Chernobyl disaster has done little to ease the minds of world governments and energy companies.

This simply highlighted the tragedy that can come along with it. Which is why thorium’s properties have become so coveted. If the material were virtually meltdown-proof, the clean energy possibilities would be endless. There is only one problem: Thorium is unable to sustain a nuclear reaction on its own. Thorium’s inability to sustain a nuclear chain reaction causes a problem, but it’s not one without a solution.

Make sure to watch the full video to see how nuclear technology is currently addressing this problem!