(Updated) Oil Outlook 2022: My #1 Oil Stock for $100 Crude

Keith Kohl

Written By Keith Kohl

Updated November 3, 2023

I’m going to tell you a secret today. 

The last time I told someone, they mistook it as a joke and practically laughed me out of the room.

Believe me, they had good reason to. It was in mid-April of 2020, just a month after the U.S. locked down tight from COVID-19, and something astounding happened to oil prices. For the first time in history, you could’ve been paid to take oil off people’s hands. 

The front-month May WTI contracts plummeted 306%, settling at negative $37.63!

The blood was flowing freely that day in the market, and the air was ripe with panic. 

Now, there were several catalysts that lined up perfectly to create such a perfect storm for volatile oil prices, but even the merest hint that people should be buying oil hand over fist that day would’ve gotten you laughed out of the room… just like it almost did to me. 

Now, I’m not here to play Monday-morning quarterback because I’m certain my veteran readers understood just how critical that moment was for energy investors. Those of you who jumped on the buying opportunity of a lifetime back then are shouting, “I told you so!” nowadays as you smile at your portfolio. 

But today, we find ourselves in a radically different climate for oil markets. 

And here’s the secret: It’s just as bullish for individual investors like us.

My New No. 1 Oil Stock for $100 Crude

Look, rising crude prices are no longer hiding in the closet. 

In my last “Oil Outlook 2022, we broke down price projections and I gave you my No. 1 oil stock for 2022. For my loyal readers, it should be no surprise that it was Diamondback Energy, one of the premier independent drillers in the Permian Basin. 

Look, we knew oil was hurtling toward $100 per barrel — it was simply an inevitability at that point. 

After all, demand had been rising as we moved out of the COVID pandemic, and the biggest production growth in the country would take place in West Texas. 

It felt like shooting fish in a barrel… and we were! 

Since we targeted Diamondback last September, the stock has built some incredible momentum as crude prices closed in on that $100/bbl psychological benchmark, with shares climbing more than 70% during that period.

Not too shabby.

But the thing is there could be better, more profitable gems out there that are hiding in plain sight.

Here we are, with Russia and Ukraine in the thick of war, and front-month April 2022 WTI crude contracts blowing past that $100/bbl threshold yesterday, trading as high as $106.78 per barrel. 

However, it’s more than war that’s driving crude prices. 

While nearly all eyes are fixated on the conflict in Ukraine, there are more long-lasting bullish forces at play. 

Despite $100/bbl being a reality, it’s going to take demand destruction to put significant downward pressure on crude prices. 

Unfortunately for the bears, that’s the opposite of what we’re seeing. 

You see, U.S. petroleum demand is at record highs. Did you notice when the EIA reported that we consumed 22.7 million barrels of petroleum products two weeks ago? For a little perspective, that’s the most we’ve ever seen on record. 

Or did you notice that U.S. stockpiles of crude oil are well below the five-year average?

So it’s with that in mind that I’ll tell you a story, perhaps the most profitable one you’ll hear in 2022 while crude oil is above $100 per barrel

Here’s What They Won’t Tell You About $100 Oil

It’s a story of 2.2 trillion barrels of oil locked underground, and how a small group of brave men and women are trying to rescue that long-lost crude. 

And here’s the best part…

Every single drop of it is going to be of use. In fact, few investors realize that the United States buys more of this oil than it does from anywhere else in the world. 

This single source supplies us with nearly 60% of ALL our foreign crude oil. That’s 4.7 million barrels of crude oil flowing into the U.S. every single day, and that number is going to continue growing going forward.

Of course, I’m referring to Canada. 

And although Canadian oil companies have been beaten to a bloody pulp for more than a decade — ever since the shale boom flooded the U.S. with a fresh supply of light, sweet crude — they didn’t die. 

They were simply hibernating, biding their time until $100 oil reared its ugly head again. 

And when it comes to major Canadian oil players, you don’t get much better than Cenovus Energy (NYSE: CVE). You’d be hard-pressed to find a better-performing oil stock in North America in a high oil price environment. 

The perfect storm for oil prices isn’t forming later in 2022 — it’s here now. 

Until next time,

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