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The War on Gold

Written By Luke Burgess

Posted April 11, 2016

Money does grow on trees…

On a farm…

Owned by the world’s governments…

And operated by their central banks.

And the absolute biggest threat to their harvest…


the war on gold nuggets 2016

Like blight on their wheat…

Or an infestation of pests among their grain.

Maybe that’s why they call proponents of the yellow metal “gold bugs.”

In response to this threat, the world’s governments, central banks, and cash-controlling elite have united against gold… against the people… waging an all-out war to vilify the metal and to subdue any dissent.

But make no mistake about it, my friends…

Gold is power.

And the old guard will do anything to stop you from having any more power…

Other than the meager scraps they toss to the rank-and-file class.

And up to this point, it’s a war they’ve been winning.

But the dominoes all start to fall with this one single idea…

This is the thought that the U.S. Federal Reserve doesn’t want to cross your mind…

Gold is in direct competition with the U.S. dollar.

You see, despite what the power structure wants you to believe — and despite what they’ll tell you — gold is money.

But, of course, they’ll try to convince you otherwise.

Because what business would ever promote a product that competes with its own?

And remember, that’s exactly what the Federal Reserve is…

A business.

It’s a privately owned corporation.

The Federal Reserve is just as “federal” as Federal Express. It’s just in the name.

And its product is the U.S. dollar.

the war on gold federal reserve dollar 2016

The U.S. government and Federal Reserve system — and the rest of the world’s central banks — publicly denounces gold as money.

But let’s examine the idea for a moment…

And let’s try to avoid semantics by simply comparing the U.S. dollar (or any other fiat currency) and gold’s ability to act as money.

  • Both the U.S. dollar and gold act as a store of wealth.
  • Both can be denominated fractionally to serve for commerce and wages (especially today, at a time most banking is done electronically).
  • Both are loanable and inheritable.

There’s simply nothing that the U.S. dollar can intrinsically do that gold can’t. (There’s a caveat to that… I’ll explain in just a minute.)

The differences between the U.S. dollar and gold…

One’s made of ink and paper — simply printed by some guy in warehouse coveralls.

The other is one of the rarest and most coveted resources on Earth.

Now, let me go ahead and defend fiat currencies for one moment…

I look at owning fiat currencies like the U.S. dollar as owning a part of the central banking system. In a way, it’s sort of like owning shares of stock in a company…

The value of a stock is largely dependent on the policies of the company’s management.

In the same way, the value of a currency is largely dependent on the policies of the issuing central bank.

And I do own shares of several different companies’ stock.

But here’s the thing…

I don’t trust that the Federal Reserve’s economic policies are serving my best interests.

So I don’t necessarily want to invest too much of my wealth into their — again — private company.

the war on gold jp morgan 2016

Yet we are all nearly forced into buying their stock — owning their currency.


Because even if you found a way to live without the U.S. dollar, you’d still be liable to pay taxes on all transactions.

And American taxes must be paid in…

You guessed it…

the war on gold us dollars 2016

And that’s the caveat I mentioned earlier.

There is one thing that U.S. dollar can do that gold can’t by law…

Pay taxes.

It’s better than a monopoly for the Federal Reserve.

But it’s nearly a system of slavery upon the people.

Yet there is no conspiracy here.

The Federal Reserve is simply acting in the way any other business would.

Because, again, what business would ever promote a product that’s in direct competition?

The very fact that the Federal Reserve and other world central banks go out of their way to denounce gold as money is evidence itself that the system sees the metal as a threat.

Gold certainly did not attack the global central banking system first. Gold isn’t even nearly sentient.

Yet the central banks have waged a loud and public war against gold.

Meanwhile, the bastards have been net purchasers of gold themselves.

Since 2010, annual gold purchases from the world’s central banks have increased 660%!

the war on gold central bank purchases 2016

Meanwhile, they tell you not to own gold.

That gold’s not money.


Gold absolutely is money.

Gold is nature’s money.

The U.S. dollar is money produced by a private business called the Federal Reserve.

And with gold, there’s no one to simply create more.

God hasn’t added any more gold to the Earth. Nor has the Big Bang.

The Earth’s gold imports fell by 100% — to zero — millions of years ago or more.

Meanwhile, the supply of paper dollars has skyrocketed nearly 400% since 2008.

the war on gold money supply 2016

Are you starting to see the picture here?

They’ve been selling you their monopoly money…

And buying gold themselves this whole time!

But the masses aren’t going to stay blind to this game for long.

That’s because — even though they’ll try to keep their system propped up as long as possible — the U.S. Federal Reserve simply can’t sustain good demand for a bad product.

No business can.

And when the masses of individuals finally start to catch on to the game that’s been played on them, they’ll drive the demand for gold to the moon.

Now, here’s where things start to get very concerning for those who aren’t already invested in gold…

There’s actually a lot less gold in the world than you might think.

Early Advantage editor Nick Hodge and I were at a local hangout on Friday night talking about the actual amount of available gold on Earth relative to the world population.

Think about this…

There are currently around 6.5 billion ounces of aboveground gold.

But right now, there are approximately 7.4 billion people in the world.

So there’s less than one ounce of aboveground gold per person on Earth.

And sure, as I said, we can still mine a little more.

But here was Nick’s concern…

The world’s mineable gold resources are nearly depleted!

Now, there’s a specific word in there that’s important: “mineable”

That’s because there’s a lot more gold deep inside the Earth… it’s just so far down that it’ll never be reached.

The fact is, heavy metals like gold are only brought anywhere near the Earth’s surface — where we can actually get to them — through geologic activity.

The gold and other precious metals that are mined today were brought to the surface millions of years ago.

And it will take just as long for more to be forced up.

But back to what Nick and I were talking about…

The USGS estimates that there are only about another 2 billion ounces of gold reserves currently accessible.

That means more than three-quarters of the world’s accessible gold has already been mined — and it’s already owned by someone else.

And that’s also why Nick has been buying gold stocks.

Owning gold is owning money.

But owning gold stocks is like owning the companies that produce money… and the land it sits on.

Like owning a part of the Federal Reserve and the moneymaking factory.

That’s why he’s been adding gold stocks to — and, in fact, is already seeing big gains in — his Early Advantage portfolio.

As you probably guessed, we nerded out at the bar that evening over a bunch of different gold and silver stocks we liked the best.

Here in Energy and Capital, I’ve shown you big gains from the larger, already fairly well-known gold and silver companies.

Here’s how I calculate the gains of the larger gold and silver stocks that I’ve talked about with you over the past few months:

the war on gold stocks 2016

And again, these are larger, already fairly well-known gold and silver companies.

Smaller, junior firms can see much larger gains — sometimes to the tune of quadruple-digit returns.

So that’s also why Nick just added a brand new junior gold and silver stock to his Early Advantage portfolio. And that’s also why I think you should look into the industry as well.

Buy the farm, buy the farmer, get the money,

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Luke Burgess
Energy and Capital

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