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The Next Oil Bull Market Has Arrived

Jeff Siegel

Written By Jeff Siegel

Posted December 18, 2023

I recently attended a fundraising event for a candidate that’s running for President of the United States.

I’m not going to tell you who it was, because I prefer to keep politics out of these pages, unless it pertains to our ability to make money.

What I will tell you, however, is that I have no intention of voting for this person, and the only reason I went was because a friend of mine had an extra ticket after his wife got sick and couldn’t go.

He knows I’d never vote for this candidate, but there was an open bar and he wanted a drinking buddy.  So I graciously accepted the invite.

It was actually a pretty swanky event.

I even had to put on my “weddings and funerals” suit, which has been hanging up in the back of my closet for about five years now.  Fortunately it still fits.

The food wasn’t anything to write home about, but it was clear that there was a lot of money in the room.  And I did get to meet some pretty interesting people from all walks of life…

Damon, a small business owner who runs a very successful plumbing business…

Sanjay, a young Wall Street hot shot who comes off as a bit of a douchebag, but after a few drinks, turned out to be a pretty sweet guy.  A family man at heart, and really just a guy trying to make a name for himself…

Then there was Corrine, a 39-year-old middle school science teacher who comes from money but doesn’t act like it.  Her parents made it big in the early days of credit card processing for online database companies.  They eventually sold the business to a bigger credit card processing company for what I imagine was a hefty sum.  

All in all, I actually had a good time.  Although my friend did get a bit embarrassed when I questioned this particular candidate on something he said during his short “thank you” speech.

Check Your Facts!

The dishonest rhetoric was not something that surprised me.

All politicians do this. 

But in this particular instance, he said something that I knew was bullshit — and could prove it.

Understand, my intention was not to cause trouble, but rather to provide clarity for those folks sitting in the room eating underwhelming hors d’oeuvres while listening to every word this guy said.

I was listening, too. Particularly to what he said about OPEC.

It was a throw-away line, to be honest.

He said, “OPEC is winning and we’re letting them!”

Applause followed that statement, so I couldn’t let it slide.

After his speech, he came around to each table to thank everyone for their support.  And that’s when I embarrassed the hell out of my friend, and I think annoyed everyone else at our table.

I wasn’t rude or arrogant, though.

I simply asked him one question…

How is OPEC winning if its share of the oil market has dropped to 51% while the U.S. has been the largest producer of oil since 2018?

He told me to check my facts, then scurried off to a more approachable group of people. 

One guy at my table said, “I don’t think that’s right.”  To which I replied, “I have to be right about this, because my livelihood depends on it.”

Of course, he didn’t know that my area of expertise is actually renewable energy and electric vehicles, so it’s not entirely true that my livelihood depends on it.  But the value of my portfolio sure as hell does.  And because I work with one of the most successful oil analysts in the world, Keith Kohl, I have access to a mountain of intel that a lot of folks don’t have.

I suspect the guy running for president does know the truth, but he’s just trying to rile up his base and get votes.  I get it.  It’s all part of the hustle.  Or as the famous fictional anti-hero character Omar Little, from the hit show The Wire, would say, “it’s all in the game.”

But when it comes to building wealth, it’s not a game.

It’s work.  Hard work. 

It’s late nights, early mornings, and shrewd strategy.

This guy running for president doesn’t have to be right.

He just has to be popular to earn his bread.

But for guys like Keith and I, not only do we have to be right to earn our keep, but we have to be right at exactly the right time.

And this, dear reader, is why Keith is known as one of the most successful oil and gas analysts on the planet.  Because not only is he always right about oil markets, but he knows exactly how to milk them for every penny.

Make no mistake: this is a skill that takes decades to master.  But that’s exactly what he’s done.

Since 2007, Keith has called every major move in the oil and gas market.

From calling the shale boom in 2006 to the COVID crash just a few years ago that gutted oil prices, Keith has consistently been able to make Energy & Capital readers a boatload of cash in oil — regardless of whether it’s a bull or bear market.

And that’s why I’m writing this article today.

Last week, I told you about Keith’s latest prediction that’s now found its way into the boardrooms and backrooms of Wall Street.

A prediction that is based on the convergence of three new powerful economic triggers that are about to set off a multi-year bull market in oil.

And not just a short-lived bull market, but a bull market that is expected to last for at least three to four years. 

This may sound a bit hyperbolic, but so did Keith’s shale predictions back in 2007.  And we know how that turned out. 

Bottom line: if you want to make a boatload of cash in oil and gas, you need to listen to every single word Ketih has to say about this market.  And you can start by downloading this free investor briefing that Keith just recorded.

In it, you’ll not only learn what these three economic triggers are that will set the oil markets on a bull run, but you’ll also learn about his favorite oil and gas stock to buy right now. 

Look, there’s going to be a lot of money to be made on this next big oil bull market.  So you might as well make it.

To a new way of life and a new generation of wealth…

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