The Last Source of Energy Our World Will Ever Need

Keith Kohl

Written By Keith Kohl

Updated May 15, 2024

You’ve probably never heard of Chicago Pile-1. 

I’ll even cheat a little and give you a picture of it:


Nothing yet?

Don’t beat yourself up too much for not recognizing it. Few people outside of niche trivia circles are aware of this chimney-looking block’s place in history. 

Well, you soon will. 

More than 80 years ago, a group of scientists secretly constructed this granite block beneath a squash court at the University of Chicago. As the story goes, they kept it a complete secret from both the university president and the mayor of Chicago. 

They nicknamed it “Chicago Pile-1.” 

Despite its secrecy, the Chicago Pile-1 cemented its place in history on December 2, 1942, at precisely 3:53 p.m., when the scientists present recorded a self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction for the first time.

It was the first and arguably most powerful achievement for a little thing called the Manhattan Project.

Starting to ring a bell?

The snowball of momentum that came after Chicago Pile-1 put the world on a path from which it could never stray. 

The Power of the Atom Revisited

Let’s push aside the stigma surrounding nuclear power for a moment, most of which is unfounded in today’s next-gen nuclear technology. 

Just 15 years after the first controlled nuclear chain reaction in Chicago, the first commercial U.S. power plant started generating electricity in the United States. 

And for the past 33 years, nuclear energy has generated approximately 20% of our total electrical generation:

nuclear power generation

Although most people conjure images of enormous mushroom clouds when they think of nuclear power, few know that it also generates roughly 60% of our carbon-free electricity and has one of the safest track records inside the energy sector.

Last year, more than 772 billion kilowatt-hours were generated from U.S. nuclear power plants. 

Now it’s time to ask “What comes next?”

Sometimes the most profitable opportunities are the ones that fly under Wall Street’s radar…

And this one is no exception.

First, you have to understand that the world is on the cusp of a nuclear renaissance — and this next-gen nuclear tech is more game-changing than most people realize.

Imagine developing and growing a clean source of nuclear energy that isn’t capable of a meltdown. 

We’re a lot closer to it than you might think. 

But the true hidden gem here for investors isn’t in the massive companies developing the next generation of special nuclear reactors. 

It’s in the small, little-known players that are fueling them.

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