The Last Oil Trade I'm Making Before Summer Heats Up

Keith Kohl

Written By Keith Kohl

Posted April 9, 2024

There’s no worse feeling than watching a plan fall apart. 

Unfortunately for us, the plan currently unfurling before our eyes is tied to our energy security. 

Believe me, watching the market finally start to wake-up and discover the bullish case for oil during the second half of 2024 has been quite the spectacle. Not that we blame them, mind you. It’s been an exercise in patience waiting for that realization to hit home. 

Still, nobody can say we didn’t see this coming. 

But as Brent crude prices hover around $90 per barrel, with WTI prices not far behind, it’s easy to get an ominous feeling that this summer is going to be a shock for some people. 

The good news is that it’s not too late to join this party… maybe.

Over the last few years, President Biden has shown that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep oil prices from running too high. 

Although people incessantly argue back and forth whether his energy plan was the right one to take, what nobody can deny is that he’s willing to do whatever it takes. 

Think about it…

In 2022, the President sold an unprecedented amount of oil from our strategic reserves. Given the circumstances, it was one of the only moves that a U.S. President could make after Russian tanks started rolling over Ukrainian soil. 

His plan was simple — sell as much of our strategic reserves as necessary to stabilize global oil supply. Over the course of six months, approximately 180 million barrels of oil flowed out of the SPR. 

And to be fair to the President, had he not stepped in when he did, we would’ve seen oil prices soar higher. It was an aggressive plan to provide some short-term relief at the price of long-term pain.

But there WAS a plan in place for us to recover after draining our SPR to a level not seen in 40-years… we’ll just buy that oil back when prices fall again. 

In fact, the plan was to buy back that oil when crude prices fell between $67-$72 per barrel. Unfortunately, that buying window didn’t last nearly as long as our government had hoped — today the SPR is still sitting at 40-year lows around 363.6 million barrels. 

That means that out of the 180 million barrels we sold off in 2022, we’ve only replenished around 32 million barrels so far. 

That’s going to be a major problem, and you’ll see why in a second.

The President has a serious dilemma on his hands right now. 

If there’s one thing that every sitting president fears during an election year is high energy prices. When Americans start feeling the pain at the pump, they tend to get disgruntled at the ballot box. 

I think this will force President Biden’s hand once again this summer when crude prices start to rise — and you can bet he’s going to go back to the only playbook he has access to right now. 

Look, it’s no secret anymore than the precarious balance between supply and demand is getting tighter as the weather gets warmer. 

However, this situation is exasperated by the fact that we are both overestimating our domestic production and underestimating demand levels. 

It’s a perfect storm for higher oil prices. 

So when the summer heat finally hits and crude prices creep back towards $100 per barrel, I believe President Biden will dip back into our strategic reserves in a last-ditch effort to keep a lid on gas prices before the November election. 

At this point, he’s out of other options. 

Oh, we’ll see the usual angry tweets from the White House castigating oil companies and OPEC for being greedy; that’s certainly a part of the playbook. However, the only way he can have any sort of effect on actual supply is through the SPR. 

The President already played his cards lifting sanctions on Venezuela and easing pressure on Iran’s oil industry. 

Desperate times call for desperate measures. 

There is some good news if you feel like you’re late to the party. Summer isn’t here just yet, and oil seems overbought right now. If we’re going to see a pullback, it’ll happen over the next few weeks. 

The only question for you is whether you’ll be ready for it or not. 

Let me show you where to start looking today.

Until next time,

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