The Government Wants You to Believe CBDCs Could Be Private and Anonymous

Jeff Siegel

Written By Jeff Siegel

Updated May 15, 2024

It's playing the long game…

Trying to make you believe that its intentions are honorable…

But they’re not.

As you know, the Federal Reserve is quietly trying to introduce a central bank digital currency, otherwise known as a CBDC or "FedCoin."

The Fed says it’s something that’s in our best interest… something that will make things more efficient for banks and consumers. If you believe that, you’re the Fed's mark. 

The whole point of a CBDC is to allow the government to monitor all of your private financial affairs. It would give the government the authority to mandate dollar limits on your transactions, potentially restricting how you spend your money, where you put it, and even slap an expiration date on it.

If you think I’m sounding alarmist, good. You should be alarmed. 

With a CBDC or FedCoin, bureaucrats and politicians will have the ability to randomly freeze your assets or limit your spending if you don’t abide by certain policies. Is that NOT alarming to you?

Didn’t get your vaccine in time?

Did you send a cash gift to someone that exceeds $500?

Did you invest in an industry that poses a threat to government elitists? 

It won’t take much for your “digital dollars” to be “turned off,” if the government sees fit to do so.

They’re already doing this in China, so it’s not as if CBDCs don’t already exist or can’t be integrated into our financial institutions with complete state control. 

Don’t let them kid you…

The whole point of having a CBDC or FedCoin is to limit your privacy, not protect it.

So when we got word this week that the Treasury Department was working to find a way to keep transactions in a CBDC private or anonymous, we knew it was all part of the long game the government is playing, which starts with convincing you that your FedCoins and FedCoin transactions will be private and anonymous.

They won’t be.

That’s the whole point. 

But that won’t stop the government from trying to convince you otherwise. 

Check out this statement from Graham Steele, the Treasury Department’s assistant secretary for financial institutions:

It is important that we consider the extent to which privacy and anonymity might be preserved and explore the technologies and methods available, including Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs), to enable such protections in the design of any potential retail CBDC. Such technologies could play a crucial role in maintaining transactional privacy while also ensuring transparency and traceability.

This is how the government attempts to create the illusion of privacy and anonymity.

And make no mistake: This is all a part of a very strategic propaganda campaign to sucker you into complying with its FedCoin agenda. 

But here at Energy and Capital, we don’t comply…

We consent to nothing that negatively affects your financial freedom.

Moreover, we use such situations to not only protect our wealth but continue to grow it too.

That's why I want to share this FedCoin Survival Guide,” which is designed to not only help you keep your assets out of greedy bureaucrats' hands but also help you profit at the same time.

This guide details exactly what these FedCoins are, how the government plans to implement them, and how you can take the appropriate steps to secure your hard-earned cash.

To a new way of life and a new generation of wealth…

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