How to Protect Your Assets From a CBDC

Jeff Siegel

Written By Jeff Siegel

Updated May 15, 2024

Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis and Democrat Robert Kennedy Jr. aren’t typically the types of people you’d expect to agree on something… 

But that’s exactly what happened last week when the two were in agreement in their opposition to something that you should be opposed to as well. 

I’m talking about a possible central bank digital currency, also known as a CBDC or FedCoin.

The Federal Reserve claims this is something that would simply allow the central bank to issue a digital version of the U.S. dollar that would be used in digital wallets.

DeSantis and Kennedy claim it will give the government access to a programmable “digital dollar” that will give it unprecedented control over your money.

And they’re right.

Kennedy put it best when he tweeted:

While cash transactions are anonymous, a CBDC will allow the government to surveil all our private financial affairs. The central bank will have the power to enforce dollar limits on our transactions restricting where you can send money, where you can spend it, and when money expires. A CBDC tied to digital ID and social credit score will allow the government to freeze your assets or limit your spending to approved vendors if you fail to comply with arbitrary diktats, i.e. vaccine mandates.

Imagine that you decide to send a friend $500 to help him buy some Christmas presents for his kids because he’s out of work and short on cash.

That $500 worth of FedCoins could be tagged as suspicious, and when your friend gets that $500, it can’t be used for anything. Programmers at the Fed simply flip a switch, and then that currency is “in review” or perhaps just evaporates.

Or say you want to buy stock in a company that’s creating a cheaper way to manufacture meat in a lab, but the administration that’s currently in charge is in bed with traditional food producers (some of which are based in China), so that administration puts out an order to disallow any FedCoins to be used to buy that stock.

I know this may seem a little far-fetched, but when it comes to the government, nothing is out of the realm of possibility.

And, of course, the irony of all this is that the very government that wants to institute a FedCoin in an effort to make things more efficient for banks and consumers is the same government that has overseen a national debt that now exceeds $31 trillion.

Just maintaining that debt costs $307 billion, which is 12% of total federal spending. 

And these are the guys we’re supposed to trust with making financial transactions “safer” and more efficient?

I may not be the brightest star in the sky, but I know a hustle when I see one.

So when you hear about a new FedCoin, which actually gives the government more control over your money and how you spend it, not only should you be worried, but you should be preparing to protect your wealth by any means necessary.

That’s why my good friend and colleague Chris DeHaemer put together this presentation that explains how you can get some of your assets beyond the government's reach.

Think of it as a sort of "FedCoin Survival Guide" designed to not only help you keep your assets away from the government but also help you profit from the inevitable move to FedCoins by making money off the companies that are getting paid handsomely to do the government’s dirty work.

While you may not want to comply with FedCoins (and I recommend you don’t), you can still wet your beak on this action. And any scratch you pull in from that can be funneled into those assets I just mentioned assets that the government can’t touch, even with its FedCoin mafia. 

No matter how you slice it, this will go down as the greatest government overreach in U.S. history, and, according to Chris, this could happen in less than four weeks. 

Thanks to an executive order issued by President Biden, Chris predicts a national rollout of this FedCoin could happen as soon as May 3.

So you don't have much time to secure your assets now, and, of course, make a few bucks off the backs of the criminals in Washington. 

Everything you need to know in order to protect yourself — and profit — from the national rollout of FedCoins can be found here.

To a new way of life and a new generation of wealth…

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