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The Dawn of Intergalactic Oil

Keith Kohl

Written By Keith Kohl

Posted June 24, 2010

Space: The final frontier.

… For the oil industry?

It appears so, as word leaked yesterday from high-level NASA officials that a multi-billion dollar, 10-year initiative had been launched to begin transporting oil back to Earth from Titan, one of Saturn’s moons.

According to scientists, this smoggy moon located on the outer rim of Saturn’s rings is said to contain more natural gas and other liquid hydrocarbons than all proven oil and gas reserves on Earth.

And with petro supplies declining at an alarming rate around the globe, the oil industry is now seemingly prepared to embark on the first-ever intergalactic oil exploration mission in history.

“This is vital, essential, critical — whatever word you want to use for it — to the survival of big oil,” stated an unnamed oil executive.

“You hear it and you just can’t believe it’s possible. It sounds like a sci-fi movie. But this is where we’re at… This is the future of our industry.”

Using observations from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft, officials have determined that hydrocarbons actually fall from the sky in the form of rain on Titan, and are collected in lakes and dunes. It seems that this moon may be the first known “endless” source of oil ever discovered.titan

“Titan is just covered in carbon-bearing material — it’s a giant factory of organic chemicals,” said Ralph Lorenz, a Cassini radar team member from the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

Cassini has only surveyed 20% of Titan so far and already the lakes and dunes observed there are estimated to hold more fuel than all of Earth’s current reserves combined.

“We’ll get that oil back here, even if we have to build a pipeline from Saturn to the Earth,” says a veteran oil wildcatter. “It may cost more money than the world’s ever seen, but it’ll cost more for us not to do it.”

Unnamed NASA sources have already begun work on a $98 billion exploration and retrieval vessel rumored to be named The Baron.

Once the ship reaches Titan, its 12-man team will siphon approximately 5,000 barrels of fuel into the ship’s storage cells. It will then begin the return journey to Earth to determine if its cargo is viable to be used inside our atmosphere.

Total roundtrip time of the vessel is expected to be four years. 

If the mission is successful, plans are to have a fleet of oil ships launched within months of The Baron’s return.

“Forget solar, wind, ethanol — all the alternative energy stuff. This may be what saves our planet from a true energy crisis,” says the oil executive.

How close are we?

Okay, time to ‘fess up…

Most of what you just read is a work of fiction.

There’s no partnership between NASA and Big Oil… No Baron spaceship or mission to Titan.

What is true, however, is that Titan is estimated to hold more oil and gas than planet Earth. The Cassini spacecraft really did return with this eye-opening news.

And someday — sooner than you think — we could very well be reading articles like this on the front page of every newspaper in the world.

Because as long as our oil addiction rages on while our planet’s reserves continue to dwindle… stories like this remain a very real possibility.

And now with offshore drilling at least temporarily (and perhaps permanently) dead in the water, thanks to the BP spill, you can wipe a huge potential supply of oil off the charts.

The fact remains that, for the moment, America’s #1 up-and-coming source of petro lies in oil shale — specifically the shale of the Bakken region in North Dakota.

While California, Texas, and Alaska continue to watch production numbers plummet every year, North Dakota only continues to see figures increase.

And it’s easy to see that now that President Obama has ordered oil companies out of the water, shale regions like Bakken — which is estimated to hold over 4 billion barrels of oil and counting — are going to see a massive influx of new exploration and production.

I’ve compiled a brand-new report on this “game-changing” situation occurring right now in the oil industry.

Inside you’ll find details about three small American oil firms with heavy ties to the Bakken formation.

These firms are already established and successfully producing crude in the region and their share prices are primed for a major move upward as North Dakota becomes the next domestic oil hot zone.

You can access this report — for free — right here.

In the meantime, remember you heard about Titan here first. One day, it could become a household name.

The tiny moon that saved the oil industry… 

Until next time,

Keith Kohl
Editor, Energy and Capital

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