Silver Hitting 22 Month Highs

Written By Christian DeHaemer

Posted July 1, 2016

The Brexit vote has dominated news cycles for months now… and since Britain’s decision to leave the EU came out last Friday, it’s all anyone’s been talking about.

Many people decided to hedge their bets in safe-haven investments like gold, and gold did jump in price… but gold had nothing on how well silver has done since the vote went through.

Silver has slowly been gaining for months now. Silver is used in tableware and jewelry, in technology and manufacturing, it’s even in things you’d never expect, like your toothpaste, and photographs. It’s a vitally important part of society, and now it’s hitting 22-month highs.

silver bar 1

That’s right, silver is at the highest level it’s been in nearly two years. Currently priced at $19.44/oz., silver doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

In fact, with manufacturing expanding for the first time in a solid year, silver demand should grow even more.

Heading Toward A Bright Future

Some analysts think we’re headed to into a silver bull run as bright as the one in the 70’s… where silver jumped from $1.25/oz. to $43/oz. That’s one heck of a rise.

All investors need to have safe-haven investments where they can turn when the markets go bad… and silver should be yours.

The demand for silver is so high in fact, that the U.S. Mint has had to produce far more Silver Eagles than usual… and people are grabbing them by the fistful. Whether you’re investing in silver bullion like Silver Eagles, or investing in silver stocks with companies that mine and produce silver, you want to make sure you invest in silver now, before it hits $50/oz., and is out of the range of the normal investor.

We have an uncertain future ahead. Brexit could affect the market for years, the Fed is still waffling on interest rates, and many see another recession looming for the U.S… but if you’re invested in something that has the ability to jump 3,440% like silver did in the 70’s… well you could be sitting pretty.

To continue reading about the rise of silver, read the Kitco article.

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