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Safe, Secure Income in an Unsure Market

Keith Kohl

Written By Keith Kohl

Posted January 14, 2012

Investors love certainty.

If I offered you two choices — taking a hundred dollar bill in exactly thirty days, or the possibility of that same hundred dollars tomorrow — which would you pick?

Though many investors tend to have a speculative streak in them, hoping to hit the next ten-bagger, it’s highly doubtful even they would choose the latter option, given the current market climate.

One of the simplest and most efficient ways to earn a safe annual return in an unsure market is through solid, high-paying companies offering an attractive annual yield.

Today, I’ll give you four safe energy plays that offer us a such a safe haven.

Fact is, there’s no safer place than energy.

After all, demand growth is practically guaranteed.

And when the IEA’s International Energy Outlook 2011 was released, we got an idea of exactly how much…

Global energy consumption between now and 2035 will increase by about 53%.

The overall mix isn’t terribly difficult to see — especially when oil, gas, and coal make up roughly more than 81% of our current energy mix.

And that mix isn’t going to change much in the decades to come. Twenty-five years from now, that same IEA report still expects fossil fuels to make up three-quarters of our energy consumption.

Sure, it’s a slight decrease (natural gas is the only fossil fuel projected to increase its share in the global mix), but it’s certainly not the drastic change that a few expect — or would hope for.

Let me show you why things here in the United States aren’t all that different from the global outlook:

energy mix us

Already this week, Nick Hodge and myself mentioned two high-yielding energy stocks, PetroBakken Energy (TSX: PBN) and Enerplus Corp. (NYSE: ERF).

Both are returning safe annual dividends over 7% to shareholders.

And I’ll give you four more right now:



Market Value

Annual Yield

Enbridge Energy Partners


$9.3 billion


Pioneer South West Energy Partners


$962.5 million


Pembina Pipeline Corp.


$4.5 billion


Kinder Morgan Energy Partners


$27.6 billion


Even though nothing in this market comes with a guarantee, this is the closest we’ll find to a safety net.

The risk, as you may know, would be sudden (and in our opinion, inexplicable) declines in oil and gas prices.

Throughout 2011, the average spot price of Brent crude was more than $100 a barrel, with the light sweet crude from Texas not far behind:

crude price average

Of course, these high-yielding income stocks are only one way for you to take this coming energy bull by the horns.

Here are a few more ideas to help you profit…

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Until next time,

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